10 Best Designs for Phone Accessories in 2024

Smartphones are powerful pieces of technology crammed in pocket-sized slabs of metal, glass, and plastic. But while they are indeed capable of impressive feats, they naturally can’t do everything on their own. Smartphones cease to be useful when they run out of battery or, worse, get a cracked screen, and no smartphone can actually stand up without some external support. And while smartphones are made to be beautiful and durable by their manufacturers’ standards, their bare forms might not meet the needs and tastes of all users. Smartphone accessories make up a huge and diverse market, and it’s too easy to drown in the number of choices available for different categories and purposes. To help ease the stress and confusion, we’ve collected this year’s 10 best designs that let you get the most out of your smartphone experience.

Arc Pulse Bumper Phone Case

Most smartphone cases sacrifice the device’s innate beauty for added protection. Even clear cases that try to be invisible still make the phone look cheap and unrefined. It may sound like a necessary compromise, but it shouldn’t have to be the case, no pun intended, especially if you have an innovative design that gives you the best of both worlds. With a signature pressure fit, the two pieces of the Arc Pulse slide onto the bottom and top of the smartphone, protecting the most important areas of the device while leaving the rest of the phone’s beautiful design unobscured, just as it was meant to be. Plus, the Arc Pulse’s unique organic design gives your phone more personality, complementing its innate beauty without sacrificing its protection.

Designer: Arc

Why it’s noteworthy:

  • Innovative two-piece design protects the phone without ruining its style
  • Dual-layer shock absorption and distribution ensures total protection from accidents
  • Lightweight and eye-catching design enhances the smartphone’s aesthetic

Casely Power Pod MagSafe Battery Pack

Apple’s MagSafe technology revolutionized the smartphone accessory market, especially when it came to external batteries, a.k.a. power banks. No longer literally tied down by charging cables, these extra batteries are now free to be thinner, smaller, and more expressive as they stick to the back of iPhones. Casely’s line of Power Pod MagSafe Battery Packs takes to the next level with a variety of designs, ranging from minimalist single-color blocks to artistic images, including floral paintings inspired by the great Van Gogh. Of course, these aren’t just pretty faces, as each packs a 5,000 mAh battery that’s good for another 19 hours of uptime, allowing iPhone owners to charge with confidence and in style.

Designer: Casely

Why it’s noteworthy:

  • Thin and lightweight for easier handling and portability
  • Available in a variety of colors and artistic designs
  • Supports both MagSafe and Qi wireless charging as well as wired USB-C

ESR Geo Wallet Stand (HaloLock)

It has become common these days to keep your most used cards on your smartphone, be it through a folio case or, more recently, MagSafe accessories that stick to the phone’s back. After all, you almost always have your phone with you all the time, so you’re unlikely to forget or lose those cards unless you lose your phone, in which case Apple’s My Find network makes locating the device less nerve-wracking. But what if it’s the wallet itself that gets lost without the phone? That’s the stressful problem that the ESR Geo Wallet Stand tries to resolve with its built-in Find My module that uses that same Apple technology to make locating the wallet a breeze. Even better, the handsome MagSafe wallet has a finger loop and a stand, keeping the phone secure in your hand or on a table all the time.

Designer: ESR

Why it’s noteworthy:

  • Built-in My Find module to locate it even if not attached to a phone
  • Multi-functional finger loop and stand for flexibility and convenience
  • Magnetic holding force of 1,500g that’s twice as strong as official Apple wallets

Nomad Goods 65W Slim Power Adapter

Battery packs and power banks are great for charging on the go, but you might easily hit their limitations unless you carry large and heavy bricks all the time. The faster charging method is still a dedicated charger, though you might find yourself scrambling and fumbling around in your bag to pull out the right one. Nomad Goods’ 65W Slim Power Adapter solves that problem by being the only charger you need, even if you have a MacBook. Its slim profile and small footprint make it easy to quickly drop the charger in your bag or even in your pocket, ready to get you charging the moment you reach a power outlet. It can even charge an M1 MacBook at 45W and an iPhone at 20W at the same time from the same brick, potentially winning you friends by not using up all the available outlets.

Designer: Nomad Goods

Why it’s noteworthy:

  • GaN technology offers faster, safer, and more efficient charging in a smaller size
  • Space-efficient compact design with foldable prongs
  • Can charge a single device at 65W or two devices simultaneously at 45W and 20W

Peak Design Mobile Tripod

There’s no shortage of ways available today for propping up a phone, whether it’s for watching videos or making video calls, but most of them either lock you to a single angle or a single height. The Peak Design Mobile Tripod, however, offers unprecedented flexibility in how you want to make your iPhone stand, whether using it as a kickstand or setting it up on an adjustable tripod. Best of all, this mobile tripod is so slim and its magnets are so strong that you can simply snap it onto the back of your phone and take it anywhere with you, ready for your next creative endeavor.

Designer: Peak Design

Why it’s noteworthy:

  • Works as a kickstand or tripod, with a ball tension system for adjusting the angle
  • Ultra-slim 0.5cm profile with an ultra-premium machined and anodized aluminum body
  • Works with MagSafe phones or any phone with a Peak Design case or Universal Adapter

Pitaka Sunset & Moonrise MagEZ Case 5 For iPhone 15 Series

Smartphone cases not only offer added protection, they also allow for personalization and self-expression through a variety of designs. Unfortunately, those advantages come at the price of added bulk to the phone, but Pitaka is proving that it doesn’t have to be the case, no pun intended. Claiming the title of the market’s lightest and thinnest iPhone 15 MagSafe case, the Sunset and Moonrise MagEZ Case 5 adds a distinctive visual and tactile character to the phone thanks to its aramid fiber weaving. Its new Amber Magnet Film glue-free coating allows the case to be extra thin while still providing the conveniences of MagSafe charging and accessories.

Designer: PITAKA

Why it’s noteworthy:

  • Distinctive woven design captures the colors of sunset and moonrise
  • Incredibly thin and light MagEZ Case 5 construction
  • MagSafe compatible with the need for additional accessories

ShiftCam Workflow Sling Bag

Mobile photography has become a rather serious industry of its own, with a plethora of accessories like lenses and tripods to assist hobbyists and pros alike. Unlike other types of photography, however, smartphone users seem to be lacking a bag dedicated to their craft. The ShiftCam Workflow Sling finally brings that missing piece to the puzzle, offering a product that was specifically designed to cater to mobile shutterbugs, with features like dedicated spaces for lenses and MagSafe phone mounts on the strap and on the bag itself. Of course, its simple yet sleek design, not to mention its premium materials, make it a great sling bag for any purpose and occasion as well.

Designer: ShiftCam

Why it’s noteworthy:

  • Specifically designed to support mobile photographers’ workflows
  • Built-in MagSafe mounts provide hands-free video recording options
  • Made with premium and durable materials to support mobile lifestyles

Spigen iPhone 15 Slim Armor CS Case

Smartphone cases that let you carry two or three of your most important cards are nothing new, but most of the designs available today place these cards in a very conspicuous hump, sometimes even exposed for everyone to see. Having honed their skills at crafting a variety of case designs for different purposes, Spigen came out with an interesting alternative that hides those cards from view. Almost like revealing treasure behind a sliding secret door, the Spigen Slim Armor CS case for the iPhone 15 manages to hold your most frequently used cards in a hidden pocket without making the case thicker than it should be.

Designer: Spigen

Why it’s noteworthy:

  • Sliding mechanism cleverly hides two cards until they need to be used
  • Slim profile with essential protection against scratches and drops
  • Simple, elegant two-tone design

TORRAS Ostand R iPhone Case with Rotating Ring Stand

Smartphone ring holders and stands have become a popular solution mostly due to their simplicity and small footprint, but they are hardly the most aesthetic nor practical option out there. They tend to stick out from the back of your phone even when you’re not using them, and they’re positions are more or less fixed the moment you slap them on. The TORRAS Ostand R iPhone case brings all the benefits of these rings with none of the drawbacks, thanks to an innovative design that folds the ring flat when not in use and rotates it to your desired position. Plus, you don’t lose compatibility with MagSafe chargers and accessories, even while enjoying the protection that the case offers.

Designer: TORRAS

Why it’s noteworthy:

  • World’s first 360-degree Rotating Ring Stand Case with MagSafe Compatibility
  • Ring folds flat and stays out of the way when not in use
  • Minimalist design matches the aesthetics of the iPhone inside the case

Twelve South Butterfly 2-in-1 MagSafe Charger

MagSafe chargers are a dime a dozen these days, but most of them fall into two camps. On one side, you have single-device chargers that can be as simple as a small disk, and on the other side you have large charging pads that can charge two or three devices at once. Proving that you don’t have to be forced to pick either side, the Twelve South Butterfly MagSafe charger combines the versatility of a multi-device wireless charger with the simplicity and portability of a small disc. The foldable design lets you quickly slip it into your pocket when you need to jet, and its unfolded form takes up almost no room at all.

Designer: Twelve South

Why it’s noteworthy:

  • Innovative design fits 2 wireless chargers in a size no bigger than your palm
  • Supports charging two devices at the same time
  • Anodized aluminum shell for durability and vegan leather surfaces to protect devices