65 Mile Range and a 500W Motor make this E-Bike Perfect for roads and rough terrain alike

Even without bringing the economy up, needing to own two sets of e-bikes just sounds like a silly idea. Most urban commute bikes can’t endure off-road adventures, and rugged terrain-ready e-bikes aren’t really meant for lightweight long-range last-mile commutes. If you’re going to design an e-bike, the holy grail is to make one that serves both those needs perfectly. The perfect e-bike needs to have a powerful motor, a durable design, a lightweight build, adaptable riding modes, and a range that serves longer journeys well. The Elixe eBike hopes to embody that definition of perfection – with a rugged 6061 aluminum frame that weighs a mere 42 pounds, punctureless tires, a 500W motor coupled with a torque sensor, 5 riding modes, and a range of 65 miles with a top speed of 28mph, the Elixe is quite the contender for the ideal all-purpose e-bike. Oh, and it has a removable battery, a smartphone app, and anti-theft features.

Designers: J Goyal, Frank Butcher and Sashi K

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The heart of the Elixe experience is its robust frame. Constructed from lightweight yet robust 6061 aluminum alloy, the frame prioritizes rider comfort with a strategically placed seat and upright handlebars that promote a relaxed posture, minimizing strain on joints for extended journeys. This ergonomic design is seamlessly integrated with advanced technology, creating an unparalleled level of freedom and ease on two wheels. The frame’s impressive 42 lbs weight keeps the overall eBike maneuverable, while the sturdy construction ensures it can handle any adventure, from city streets to rugged trails.

Elixe’s Five Dynamic Pedal Assist Modes

The frame features an integrated removable 14Ah battery that sits flush inside the e-bike’s main pillar. Made from EV-grade Samsung cells, the battery gives the Elixe a range of 65 miles, delivering power to the 500W rear-wheel Bafang motor (EU riders get a 250W motor as required by EU guidelines). Riders can personalize their experience with Elixe’s five distinct pedal-assist modes. Glide effortlessly through cityscapes or conquer demanding terrains – the perfect level of assistance awaits to match any rhythm and riding style. Elixe also offers an intuitive throttle mode for effortless power on demand. With a simple twist, you can get a quick boost on inclines or navigate busy streets without the constant pedaling. An integrated torque sensor detects the force applied to the pedals, seamlessly adjusting motor output for a natural and responsive ride. Whether you’re cruising effortlessly or tackling a steep incline, the torque sensor ensures a perfect balance of power and effort, making every ride feel smooth and enjoyable.

Swap-and-Go: The Removable Battery

Mastering Terrain with Elixe’s Front Fork Suspension

Elixe’s Puncture-Protected Tires Ensure A Safe Journey

The puncture-proof tires are just a clever feature that sets the Elixe apart. Most e-bike riders have range anxiety… but a flat tire is just something nobody looks forward to. Ensuring that your e-bike doesn’t give up on you in the middle of a ride makes the Elixe feel much more reliable as you ride it, knowing that the e-bike can absolutely handle anything you throw at it. Meanwhile, the hydraulic front fork suspension absorbs bumps and jolts with ease, providing a smooth ride across any landscape. This advanced suspension system enhances handling and stability, allowing riders to navigate even the roughest terrains with confidence and control.

Instant Power with Elixe’s Throttle Mode

Ride Easy with Torque Sensor

A sleek and intuitive dashboard displays key metrics like speed, battery life, and distance traveled, allowing riders to stay informed and plan their journeys effectively. Like any good e-bike, it also comes with anti-theft features that prevent the e-bike from being stolen or towed away without your knowledge. The frame is embedded with a GPS tracker, accessible through the Elixe smartphone app. This app not only tracks the eBike’s location in real time but also sends instant alerts for suspicious activity. Additionally, the app allows riders to remotely lock the motor, deterring potential theft. The Elixe app goes beyond security; it enhances the entire riding experience. Riders can utilize the app to effortlessly track trips, analyze metrics like calories burned, and set fitness goals. The app also allows for remote customization of pedal-assist modes and access to a variety of additional features designed to maximize enjoyment and performance. With the Elixe app, every ride becomes a connected, informative, and secure experience.

Available in two styles – a step-thru frame for shorter riders, and a step-over frame for taller patrons, the Elixe offers 5 color variants to choose from. The 250W motor variant ships globally (although it’s specifically designed for the EU market) and is priced at $679, while the US-only 500W motor version is priced at $849. For the price, you get the e-bike, a charger for the battery (which takes 2.5 hours to charge fully), a kickstand, a toolkit, and a 3-year warranty. You can add more accessories to your pledge like an extra battery, a fast charger, a rear rack, a front basket, a tire inflator, or if you’re feeling very experimental, a cargo trailer!

Click Here to Buy Now: $679 $1699 (60% off). Hurry, exclusive deal for YD readers only! Raised over $161,000.