$88 Sony PlayStation Portal knockoff runs an Emulator with over 3000 built-in games

Sony’s lawyers better get their ceases and desists in order – a sub-$100 knockoff of the Sony PS Portal is available online with arguably better specs than the original. While Sony announced the PlayStation Portal as purely an accessory to the existing PS5, this carbon copy dubbed the M25 actually runs as a standalone device, running LINUX and EmuELEC but with support for more than 25 other emulators, and space for more than 3000 games so you can play anywhere instead of being relegated to just your PS5. Is it a shameless ripoff? Absolutely. Are we surprised? A little, at the audacity for sure!

When compared face to face, there are distinct differences between Sony’s version and the M25. For starters, the latter has a much smaller 4.3-inch screen that fits into the controller’s form factor instead of being a tablet attached onto the controller like in Sony’s design. This also means the M25 is a little more compact than its inspiration, making it easier to carry with you. That being said, the PS Portal wasn’t designed to be carried anyway, given that it needs to be tethered via WiFi to your PS5 at all times, eliminating any possibility of mobile gaming. The M25, on the other hand, has storage of up to 128Gb, letting you store and play games pretty much anywhere you want. It’s more like a Nintendo Switch Lite than like the PS Portal, in that regard.

Just on the design front, the M25 is a total ripoff of the DualSense controller, with a modified form that fits an HD screen (or so they’d have you believe) in between the two halves of the controller. A Quad-core processor on the inside runs the M25’s experience, with 4GB of RAM and up to 128GB of internal storage (expandable with a TF card). A 3000mAh battery powers the entire device, and the display maxes at 480×272 pixels, which does feel like being shortchanged, but then again what did you expect for $88?

The M25 runs Linux and the EmuELEC emulator. You can sideload any other emulator of your choice, and the storage should allow you to play and save a dizzying 3000 games. Sure, it doesn’t compare to playing AAA titles like Assassin’s Creed or GTA 6 (if and when it releases) on a handheld device, but if you want to game on a subway without splurging on a Nintendo Switch, the M25 may just be your best bet. Better still, if you want a budget gift for a spoilt kid who wants the PS Portal, hand them this one and see if they notice! It’s available on Geekbuying, and ships from China, so don’t expect to be able to follow up on any warranty…