A Groundbreaking 5-Driver Wireless Earbuds is Sweet Music to Your Ears

Wireless earbuds generally have no more than one driver, and it might be safe to assume that the TE-ZX1, featuring five drivers, is among the highest, if not the highest, number of drivers currently available in wireless earbuds. Having more drivers can enhance sound quality by allowing for more precise sound separation and clarity across different frequencies. According to the company’s recent update, this project is already in the mass-production stage.

If you’re an audiophile like me, you’ll appreciate the analog technology used in custom in-ear monitors (IEM). Their entry model typically starts with a 3-driver setup, designed to deliver balanced sound with a dedicated driver for lows, mids, and highs. On the high end, they offer a model with 12 drivers per ear – yes, 12! Considering this, the introduction of wireless earbuds with 5 drivers in each ear, priced under $300, is a game changer.

Designer: AVIOT

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The newly developed system is known as the “Tribrid 5-Driver”. It includes a planar magnetic driver, three balanced armature drivers, and one dynamic driver. Planar Magnetic Drivers, Balanced Armature Drivers, and Dynamic Drivers each uniquely contribute to the audio quality. First, the Planar Magnetic Driver is known to produce superior sound quality, by utilizing a thin, lightweight diaphragm that’s able to cover a large surface area to deliver clear, detailed sound and excellent response times. The diaphragm’s size and thinness allow it to produce sound evenly across the frequency spectrum, contributing to a smoother, more natural sound.

Enjoy Wireless High-Resolution Audio with LDAC

Second, the three Balanced Armature Drivers are smaller and more efficient than other types. Due to their size, they are often used in in-ear headphones. These drivers can be tuned to specific frequencies, making them ideal for producing high-frequency sounds with precision. Multiple balanced armature drivers can be combined in a single earphone to cover a wide range of frequencies.

Lastly, the Dynamic Driver in the TE-ZX1 earbuds is 10mm in diameter, which contributes to superior sound quality and realistic low frequency. Dynamic drivers are known for their ability to produce strong, impactful bass and handle a wide frequency range. A significant advantage of dynamic drivers is their ability to handle a lot of power without distortion, which contributes to a louder, more powerful sound.

When working together, these three types of drivers should deliver dynamic and expansive sound quality across the frequency range, thanks to their complementary characteristics. I’m a big fan of in-ear-monitor (IEM) earphones, mainly because of the near-custom fit they offer. They provide a more enjoyable listening experience during long flights, extended office hours, or lengthy hiking trips. The high-speed combat ship “Swordfish II” from the hit anime series ‘Cowboy Bebop’ inspires the design, presenting a balanced yet high-tech and cutting-edge feel. When a product’s weight is distributed throughout the entire device, particularly something that sits in a compact space like your ear, it needs to feel balanced. This balance is what the designer has strived to achieve. The semi-hard case housing the earbuds is well-designed and features an integrated recharge function, providing up to 20 extra hours of listening enjoyment. The earbuds alone offer up to 8 hours of playtime and require only a 10-minute charge to gain another 60 minutes.

Regarding listening pleasure, having high-end drivers alone won’t guarantee rich sound quality without LDAC technology. Meanwhile, thanks to the 5 drivers, the use of a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) has been meticulously minimized By using LDAC – an audio coding technology developed by Sony that enables the transmission of High-Resolution (Hi-Res) Audio content, even over a Bluetooth connection. Unlike other Bluetooth-compatible coding technologies, such as SBC, it operates without down-converting the Hi-Res Audio content and allows approximately three times more data than those other technologies to be transmitted over a Bluetooth wireless network. This results in enhanced sound quality, more detailed and nuanced audio reproduction, and an overall superior listening experience.

Click Here to Buy Now: $251 $335 (25% off). Hurry, only 31/100 left! Less than 72 hours to go.