A Linoleum Birdhouse Game That Educates and Instils The Values Of Sustainability

In an interesting collaboration, design studio Mano de Santo has joined forces with French design atelier Tarkett to introduce ELVI. This innovative urban birdhouse game delves into the transformative potential of reusing materials. An eco-friendly and adaptable creation that not only highlights the versatility of linoleum but also aims to provide an interactive learning experience, fostering awareness and coexistence with urban wildlife.

Designers: Mano de Santo and Tarkett

In the world of birdhouse games, ELVI is not your everyday player. It stands out for its incredible ability to fit in just about anywhere – be it on streetlights, trees, balconies, or bars. It has a way of seamlessly blending into different spots, making it the go-to choice for those who appreciate a touch of beauty. What makes it even cooler is its modular design, making it super easy for anyone to put it together. You can be your own urban designer, customizing the birdhouse to match your style. The DIY aspect of ELVI adds a unique and personal dimension to the birdhouse-making process. By allowing individuals to assemble the birdhouse themselves, it creates a sense of connection to the project. This hands-on approach not only fosters a personal connection with the final product but also instills a deeper appreciation for the craftsmanship involved in its creation.

But this birdhouse is not just about looking good; it’s on a mission to teach us some important values. Imagine it as a wise friend, sharing knowledge about linoleum – a material often used for floors. It’s not just comfortable and durable; it’s also super versatile. You can find it in schools, hospitals, and many other places. The birdhouse takes this material and turns it into a piece of art that fits perfectly into our daily lives. The DIY nature encourages more people to actively engage in sustainable practices. As individuals take part in the creation of their birdhouses, they become more conscious of the materials used and the environmental impact of their choices.

Beyond its good looks, it takes on another important role as an educational tool. It’s like a guiding light, showing us how linoleum can be recycled and why it’s so good for the environment. It’s a product of the values of Tarkett, emphasizing how linoleum can be recovered and reused after we’re done using it. By pointing out the linoleum’s cleanliness and its ability to become new floors, the birdhouse wants us to feel responsible for taking care of our environment.

The hands-on experience serves as an educational tool, promoting a greater understanding of the importance of reusing materials like linoleum and contributing to a culture of sustainability.

By creating ELVI, a birdhouse game that goes beyond just being pretty, the project adds a special touch to urban spaces. Its design and focus on the eco-friendly qualities of linoleum make it more than just a decoration; it becomes a symbol of responsible choices and a reminder that we can live in harmony with nature even in our busy cities.