A ramen-themed desktop PC is perfect for those late-night gaming sessions

Contrary to stereotypes, gamers actually love some bling on their gear. Consoles themed around certain games or characters really sell well, while towering desktops often light up like Christmas trees regardless of the season. Curiously, theme desktop PCs are hard to come by, and you often have to style your computer on your own if you want to show off any sort of attachment to brands, fandoms, or even food. Apparently, there are some PC users who would indeed like to tell everyone around them about their favorite dish, or at least that’s the implication of this quirky collection of PCs designed around one of the survival necessities for gamers on a late-night binge: a hot bowl of instant ramen noodles.


Granted, it’s objectively an unhealthy lifestyle, but it has almost become a part of gamer culture to have instant noodles on the side while you frantically mash buttons or keys, at least for PC gamers in certain parts of the world. Given their cheap prices, fast “cooking” time, and the fact that they don’t leave crumbs on keyboards the way chips do, fried noodles and instant ramen have become the go-to energy sources for these people. In fact, some have even developed a love for the taste and the experience, perhaps enough to warrant buying a PC themed around the food.

This Ramen PC collection is a delicious oddity, and while they thankfully don’t resemble cups or bowls, they have all the markings of an authentic instant ramen experience. The front shows the flavor, available in Tonkotsu, Seafood, and Tom Yum varieties, that would make connoisseurs or hungry gamers drool. The top of the front panel even has marks resembling the ribbing that these cups use to prevent burning your fingers when holding them. One side has a panel that has the customary nutritional information label as well as cooking instructions. And just to make sure your mind doesn’t play tricks on you, there’s a large label warning not to microwave your PC, presuming you can even a microwave large enough to shove it into.

The panel on the opposite side is transparent on the upper half, while the lower half has wavy lines suggestive of the noodly contents of the “cup.” To complete the serving, the PC uses a bespoke GPU backplate expertly handcrafted with images of the ingredients unique to each flavor. The GPU conveniently sits right above the wavy patterns, giving the image of these delectable morsels floating above the noodles and the savory broth. The proverbial cherry on top is a custom magnet charm that sits on top of the tower, taking the form of chopsticks lifting some noodles and seemingly floating in mid-air.

The Ramen PC isn’t just all looks, though, and can be configured with some of the best gaming specs available in the market. The design isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea, or noodles, rather, but it’s definitely a fun and interesting way to spice up your desktop computer and set it apart from the rest of those colorful but boring RGB towers that flood the market.