A Sustainable Lighting Solution That Redefines The Interaction Between Light And Sound

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology and design, the fusion of functionality and artistic expression continues to yield groundbreaking innovations. One such marvel is Oloïd, a sustainable acoustic luminaire born from the collaborative synergy of Impact Acoustic; a provider of sustainable acoustic solutions, and the esteemed design studio atelier oï. This unique lighting fixture not only delivers exceptional sound absorption but also redefines the way light and sound interact, creating a transformative experience that enhances the ambiance of any space.

Designer: Impact Acoustic,  Atelier oï

At the heart of Oloïd’s revolutionary design lies Archisonic Felt, a high-performance sustainable acoustic absorber crafted from upcycled PET bottles. This versatile material demonstrates outstanding sound absorption capabilities and embodies a commitment to sustainability and responsible material sourcing. The Cradle to Cradle certification and LEED accreditation of Archisonic Felt underscore its eco-friendly credentials, aligning with the growing demand for environmentally conscious design solutions.

Oloïd distinguishes itself by offering a transformative lighting experience that seamlessly integrates functionality with artistic expression. The collaboration between Impact Acoustic and Atelier oï is not merely about illuminating a space but about creating an immersive environment where light and sound harmonize effortlessly.

Aurel Aebi, a key figure at Atelier oï, highlights the creative process that brought Oloïd to life. “At atelier oï, we often begin our creative process with an encounter with the material,” Aebi explains. “Our goal was to find a way to make the sustainable material speak in a new way.” This innovative approach involved working with the material’s stiffness and flatness to create organic shapes that redefine conventional luminaire design.

Oloïd is available in a stunning array of 32 colors, presenting a curated selection from the Archisonic Felt range. This diversity empowers users to personalize their spaces, allowing for the creation of bespoke environments that reflect individual tastes and preferences. The luminaire’s design seamlessly integrates the organic shapes derived from the unique qualities of Archisonic Felt, transcending two-dimensional panels into captivating three-dimensional entities.

Sven Erni, co-founder of Impact Acoustic, expresses his fascination with the collaborative process that transformed their material. “The collaboration fascinated us as we witnessed the metamorphosis of our material,” Erni notes. “This was made possible using a distinctive cutting technique at specific angles and the skillful folding of the panels. This creative approach seamlessly transformed the two-dimensional panels into fascinating three-dimensional entities, transcending surfaces to tangible bodies.”

Oloïd not only sets a new standard for sound-absorbing luminaires but also stands as a testament to the potential of sustainable design in reshaping our surroundings. With its commitment to responsible material usage, innovative design, and the seamless integration of light and sound, Oloïd emerges as a beacon of eco-conscious creativity, inviting us to reimagine the possibilities of our illuminated spaces.