Aesthetic air purifier concept also doubles as a stylish plant pot

Recent events have made people more concerned about the quality of the air inside their homes, leading to a rise in interest and sales of air purifiers. These appliances, however, haven’t seen much design iteration in the past, which is why many of them look so dated and out of place in modern homes and interiors. Thankfully, that status quo has changed and a new trend is beginning that transforms these cold, impersonal devices into something that looks more at home in your home. Some disguise themselves as pieces of furniture or art objects, while this particular concept functions as a place to grow short plants and flowers, giving a splash of green as it keeps your indoor air green as well.

Designer: Sukchand Saren

In order to maximize airflow and performance, most air purifiers are tall, white boxes or cylinders placed in conspicuous locations, often at the center of a room. This often makes them an eyesore and an obstacle to movement, so some homeowners might end up just storing them away, allowing low-quality air to circulate and put themselves and their families at risk. There isn’t really a need to compromise between function and aesthetics, as this concept tries to prove by fusing air purification with botanical elegance.

FloraPur is technically two separate products designed as one. It is primarily an air purifier, of course, albeit one that is designed for smaller rooms or at least to work in tandem with other similar units spread across the space. Unclean air is sucked into the circular base where it passes through four purification levels, including HEPA, activated carbon, and UV light, before the clean air is blown out of the top half. Given the size of the device, it won’t be effective in large rooms so placing a few of these in strategic locations would be a better idea.

What makes FloraPur different from the majority of air purifiers is its focus on visual appeal without compromising functionality. In addition to this colorful powder-coated metal finish, the container that makes up the bulk of the purifier’s form serves as a convenient pot for growing plants and flowers indoors. The design combines two of the trends that rose during the pandemic, cleaning the air inside while adding natural beauty as well.

Granted, the design also has some shortcomings, not including how it would struggle to cover a very large room on its own. The connection between FloraPur’s two functions is completely superficial, with the plants playing no role in cleaning the air despite being nature’s own air purifiers. And despite having smart features that can monitor air quality around it, the device has no function to monitor the state of the plant growing inside it. The latter shouldn’t be too hard to implement with the right sensors and software algorithms, and a larger air purifier that can house more plants and use those plants to keep the air clean is also possible. All it takes is some creative thinking and ambition to breathe new life and fresh air into an old and tried appliance design.