All-in-one camping trailer has everything you need, and can even charge your e-bikes

Compactness of a camper is defined by the multifunctionality it can stuff into a form factor that’s otherwise small to look at. Toy haulers and camping trailers – despite their size – have their own market, and are usually treated separately by the builders. There are only a few forward thinkers that have been fitting the two possibilities in the same unit, but again the distinction is pretty evident. Re: the gear storage is separate from the living area.

Now, with the interesting layout envisioned by Karoo for its new adventure camping trailer, we should be able to carry the gear in the space we live, without cramping it up for the children to tag along. That may sound an exaggeration; a statement for the heck of it! However, with the Karoo Adventure trailer this is what is apparent. It’s not only for the papers, the company has different variants in the contention that can make camping and toy hauling unified for families and obliviously the adventurer.

Designer: Karoo Camper

Overcoming the years of compromise campers have made by stuffing their bikes into little nooks, the electric-bike friendly Karoo Adventure camper is not only intriguing because of its space utilization but also because it is designed to take you on expeditions beyond the power grid courtesy its 6-kWh lithium-ion battery and rooftop solar panels.

A solution conceived for the breed that enjoys exploring nature on their own terms, the Karoo camper can juice up your e-bikes on the go, so there’s no stopping you. And so that it’s towable easily, the trailer weighs 750kgs, while its entire structure measures 16.4 feet long and 7 feet high. Within this space is that interesting layout comprising a foldaway seating area – which converts into a bed for two – and permits your bicycle, fishing gear, or snowboard to fit alongside. Just over but under the gaping skylight is a lift-up ceiling bed for children to bunk on, while right in front is the wet bathroom that hides from sight until its door slides over the entertainment/storage section.

This living section of the Karoo Adventure trailer is breezy with well-positioned windows and two large hatch and side doors. Placed within is also a pull-out kitchen, equipped with a gas stove and a faucet, for you to enjoy outdoor cooking under the integrated awning module that extends the living space further out. If you’re convinced with what you’re getting with the Karoo, you can bet $100 to prebook this $30,000 Karoo Adventure trailer now.