Amazon Is Selling A Modern Foldable Tiny Home That You Can Build Within 15 Minutes

No matter what you are looking to buy, you’re almost always bound to end up on Amazon. Amazon is lovingly called the Everything Store: Anything, and quite rightly so because you get everything on there, and now even a foldable tiny home! Yes, you can now go house shopping on Amazon. So next time you’re out shopping for pillow covers or a book or two, you can add a tiny home to your shopping cart. Meet Officer Owl’s Modern Foldable Home – a 20-foot by 20-foot kit that helps you build the cozy little tiny house of your micro-living dreams!

Designer: Officer Owl

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The oversized kit includes a steel frame, amped with a hydraulic ceiling, floor, and four walls. The Foldable Home is quite user-friendly, you don’t need to be a construction wizard to set the little house up. Follow the directions, put in a bit of effort, and you can easily lift the hydraulic ceiling, set up the walls, and lay down the floor in around 15 minutes! Pretty quick, right?

It’s the kind of DIY project you could easily take up in your free time, if you’re looking to build a guest unit in your backyard, or even your own private office. Since the prefab home kit is so easy to set up, you may feel that it’s not designed to last, but that is not true in the least! The home has strategically placed windows to offer plenty of sunlight and air circulation. The frame is flame-retardent, waterproof, and thermally insulated as well. It can also withstand grade-eight earthquakes and grade-ten winds. Officer Owl claims that the home can last 25 years!

The home features a built-in electrical system complete with LED. It is also equipped with a fully plumbed kitchen and bathroom, allowing it to function as almost anything – from an office to even a gym. You don’t need to limit the space to a garage or a tool shed! I mean, you could even use it as your full-time home. Although you may need to consider the price. The tiny home is priced at $13,450, so it isn’t a cheap housing solution. But when you consider having to build a guest unit from scratch, the Modern Foldable house does seem so much more convenient, and worth the price!

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