Anker’s new Soundcore Bluetooth sleep earbuds guarantee unmatched noise blocking… Yes, Snore Please!

A good night’s sleep is the best way to wake up energized and fresh the next morning. But if barking dogs in the neighborhood or a snoring partner alongside is giving you sleepless nights; noise-blocking sleep earbuds could be the go-to option to save yourself from any more nights spent tossing and turning.

If you are aware of noise-cancelling sleep earbuds, you may have already landed on the Anker Soundcore Sleep A10. An average option against a Bose or an Apple, the Soundcore A10 is now getting a refreshing uplift with the upcoming pair of Soundcore Sleep A20 earbuds that are designed to block out as much outside noise as possible; deliver extra comfort while sleeping; and offer battery life that competitors don’t match.

Designer: Anker

Sleeping while wearing earbuds has not been a comfortable experience for me. I’m predominantly a side sleeper and the earbuds tend to hurt the ear when pressure is exerted. Anker believes it has worked its way around this problem with the new Twin-Seal ear tips that fit snuggly within the ear canal to ensure they are comfortable to wear in bed.

Even though the Soundcore Sleep A2 wireless earbuds are meant specially to block the outside noise while sleeping, the earbuds do not support active noise cancellation feature. Instead, it features a four-point noise-masking solution to ward off common disturbances such as snoring. This is made possible by the buds’ two-layer silicon construction with ear wings that offer “three times stronger passive noise blocking“ and “blend perfectly with the shape of your ear” spreading the “pressure evenly” for night-long comfort.

The new Anker earbuds can pair with Bluetooth device to play music, though information is scanty about the specs the Soundcore A20 would support. Things will become clearer in mid-April when Anker would start a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for its wireless sleep earbuds. Anker informs, the device will be offered at 40 percent discount through Kickstarter, and will go on sale for $150 after the crowdfunding campaign is over.

Until then, what we know from the company’s product page is that the device will feature a library of sleep noises that you can play to cancel out any seeping ambient sounds or perhaps to sleep to a piece of soothing music playing directly into your ear. Soundcore Sleep A2 touts a whopping 80-hour backup with a charging case in support. A companion for peaceful, disturbance-free sleep, it offers 14 hours of playback in Sleep mode and 10 hours of playback with Bluetooth.