Apple Will Host a “Scary Fast” Product Reveal a Day Before Halloween

Rumors have been floating around throughout October about the potential sudden release of new M3-based Macintosh computers. Just take it from Digital Trends’ Alex Blake, who spoke a little too soon (but not before providing an excellent explanation of why the M3 chip is so important to Mac users), saying, “An event doesn’t seem to be in the cards (no one has heard anything about invites), so a launch via press release seems likely at this stage.”

Fortunately for everyone both inside and outside of the press, there will indeed be an Apple event on October 30, 2023; and better yet, it will be entirely virtual. You’ll get to watch it straight from your couch (right here) on Apple’s official YouTube channel.

Designer: Apple

The only catch? Unlike regular Apple events which begin in the morning (at least over here on the west coast of the United States) this one is at 5 PM PT. That’s great for me, but probably not so great if you live outside of the United States, in which case you may end up staying up late into the spooky Halloween evening to catch Apple’s “scary fast” Mac reveals.

Ming-Chi Kuo, one of the most respected Apple analysts on the web, took to X on October 24 with a valuable insight about what we can expect from the upcoming Apple event: “I believe M3 series MacBook Pro will be Oct 30th media event’s focus. I previously predicted a launch this year is unlikely due to limited 4Q23 shipments (less than 400-500k units in total). If new MBPs launch in Nov-Dec, tight supply will last into 1Q24 unless demand weakens.”

Granted, all we really have right now is speculation, and despite having an excellent track record for predicting Apple’s next move amid the constant whirlwind of hype and uncertainty often attributed to Apple’s somewhat erratic movements – like the sudden (though not entirely unexpected) announcement of the Apple Pencil USB-C – even Ming-Chi Kuo has been wrong in the past. That means, until we witness an official reveal unfolding in front of our own eyes, everything you see on the internet about this upcoming event on October 30 is still speculation. Still, speculators across the web seem hopeful that we’ll see new M3-powered Apple computers arrive in stores globally before the holiday rush goes into full effect in late November.