ASUS Ceraluminum brings beautiful ceramic and durable aluminum laptops

Gone are the days when laptops were seen just as technical equipment needed to get work done. Just like with smartphones, they have also become part of our modern lifestyles and a reflection of our own selves. What all these mean is that people are now more conscious of the design of the laptops they purchase, not just the specs or the brand. Yes, there are still many that look like tanks with rainbow lighting accents, but even some more powerful notebooks now have sleeker and more refined aesthetics as well. To keep up with more discerning consumers, ASUS has engineered a new kind of material for the outer lid of their newest and most premium laptop that combines the lightness of ceramic with the durability of aluminum into an elegant surface that just screams “luxury.”

Designer: ASUS

Laptop lids are often made of either plastic or metal because of their resilience and durability. Of the two, metal, which usually means aluminum, is considered more premium but also tends to be heavier and sometimes uncomfortable due to how cold it is to the touch. In contrast, ceramic is equally premium yet almost the opposite of metal: lightweight, warm to the touch, and sadly also fragile.

ASUS has aimed to bring the best of these worlds together and has created the portmanteau “Ceraluminum” to mark the success of their years of research and experimentation. In reality, it is actually aluminum but treated in a special process, which it unsurprisingly calls “ceramization,” which gives it the properties of ceramic. This “hi-tech” new material boasts being lighter than steel yet also more durable than actual ceramic. More importantly, the material focuses as much on the tactile experience as on the aesthetics. Like ceramic, Ceraluminum is not only cool to the touch but also gives the fingers a better grip on the laptop’s lid.

Ceraluminum is still a novel material and it might not be ready for truly mass production just yet. For its maiden voyage, ASUS has chosen its new Zenbook S 16 to be the first to benefit from this amalgamation of two of the most premium materials known in the industry. It’s a perfect match as well, given how incredibly thin and lightweight the laptop is. It looks premium and definitely feels premium, a fitting exhibit for Ceraluminum’s equally premium properties.

In addition to its elegant material, the ASUS Zenbook S 16 also brings nature-inspired colors to match. Zumaia Gray takes inspiration from flysch cliffs in Spain, while Scandinavian White mimics the warm light of the sun on snowy mountains. Even this color is a product of sophisticated materials research, modifying the molecular structure of copper and oxygen atoms to give off a different color while using the same aluminum oxide material as other colors. The ASUS Zenbook S 16 is, in the final analysis, an exhibit of the brand’s innovation in creating new materials meant to delight not just the eyes but also your fingers and elevate your laptop experience.