Atari is entering the handheld gaming space with this gorgeous console that packs 200 iconic games

If as a kid you ever relished the thought of carrying all your change to the nearest arcade to bust out a few games, this one should be the perfect feels trip down nostalgia lane. The MyArcade Atari Gamestation Portable, unveiled at CES 2024, is a vibrant time capsule that transports you straight back to the golden era of gaming. This device promises to deliver a nostalgic yet innovative gaming experience, and here’s what makes it stand out.

Designer: MyArcade

Design and Controllers: A Nostalgic Twist

The Atari Gamestation Portable distinguishes itself with a design that’s a respectful nod to the classic Atari era. Licensed by Atari, MyArcade has done more than just slap on a retro label; they’ve integrated elements of the beloved Atari 2600 into a portable format. This isn’t just about playing old games; it’s about reliving the unique experience of them. The inclusion of an Atari Trak ball, paddle, and a keypad, alongside a d-pad and ABXY buttons, ensures that both classic and modern gamers feel at home.

Display and Games: A Feast for Retro Eyes

The Gamestation Portable boasts a 7-inch high-resolution display, significantly larger than MyArcade’s previous handhelds. This size increase enhances the visual experience of the over 200 classic Atari games preloaded onto the device. While the full games list hasn’t been published, the promise of such a vast library is exciting for fans of Atari’s extensive catalog.

Operating System and Connectivity: Tailored for Atari Classics

The device runs on a proprietary operating system, specifically designed to play Atari classic games, eschewing more common systems like SteamOS or Windows. This specialized OS ensures a seamless gaming experience, tailored to the unique requirements of retro games. Additionally, MyArcade has included two rear-mounted USB Type-C ports and a kickstand, adding modern convenience to the retro experience. The system’s LEDs illuminate to indicate which buttons are supported by the game currently being played, adding a helpful, modern touch to the gameplay experience​.

Pricing and Availability: A Trip Down Memory Lane

The Atari Gamestation Portable is expected to hit the market in September or October 2024, with a price tag of $149. This pricing positions it as an affordable entry into the world of retro gaming, making it accessible to a broad audience of gamers and nostalgia enthusiasts alike​.