Basecamp Tent is Tesla’s own solution to transform the Cybertruck into a personal campsite anywhere

With the Ford’s and the Chevy’s reigning supreme in the country, the Americans love their pick-up trucks. No wonder then that Elon Musk wants to test the waters. He wants to, but not in a routine manner, however, with an angular-designed, stainless-steel Cybertruck instead, which has been more in the controversy than Tesla would want to derive from its immediate and rigorous promotional agenda. Anyway, the Cybertruck launch is a given and we are – like it or not – going to have a, if all is as vouched for, pick-up capable of towing 11,000 pounds on a 340-odd-mile drive on a single charge.

If you’re someone who doesn’t care about what’s said and wants to take the Cybertruck for a spin on arrival, you’d probably want an accessory that would let you stay overnight in the wilderness with your ride that made heads turn on the way. Of course, it would be difficult to trust an aftermarket accessory with a deal like this; Tesla reckons the fact! It is therefore taking orders for a Cybertruck Basecamp Tent, which would turn the Cybertruck bed into a delightful camp on the way.

Designer: Tesla

Created in collaboration with Heimplanet, the Basecamp Tent is Tesla’s solution to make the Cybertruck into a well-crafted camping vehicle. It is made to mount snugly over the truck bed so you get a space for sleeping without it affecting the vehicle’s dive range when you are on the move through rugged terrains.

The Basecamp Tent is made from Kaleidoscope nylon material featuring an ultra-lightweight geodesic airframe design. When you’re at the camp destination of your choosing, you can effortlessly inflate the Basecamp, in minutes, using a provided manual pump and the tent is ready without the installation of any poles or extensions. Within this gray cover crafted with screen windows, you get a mattress for cozying up and access to a truck bed outlet to keep your gadgets juiced up.

The fascinating aspect about the Basecamp still is its extendable awning, which would allow you to spread your living space under a stary night. If the idea of camping in the back of the Cybertruck gets you going, it is the right time to take home the $2,975 Basecamp Tent home. And then to sit back and wait until the Cybertruck hits the market someday!