Batman-inspired Maverick GT Stormy Knight redefines luxury and sustainable maritime adventures

Wayne Enterprises and T3MP3ST have one more reason for Batman fans to go on a spending spree if they like exploring the waters. This is the Maverick GT Stormy Knight electric exploration vehicle developed by the two companies for the filthy rich. That’s because the eco-friendly boat is priced at $250,000. According to makers, “it is a first-of-its-kind, ultra-luxury commerce environment that immerses you in the world of DC’s Bruce Wayne, the billionaire civilian persona of The Batman.”

The limited-edition watercraft is a balanced iteration of luxury and high-end technology for the best experience venturing out in the waters. Only 27 units of this vessel will be created by T3MP3ST who have been redefining nautical adventures with innovative Electric Exploration Vehicles designed for the government agencies and the elite.

Designer: T3MP3ST and Wayne Enterprises

The 4-meter power boat is designed out of carbon fiber and stainless steel to optimize performance without harming the environment. The use of these materials keeps the total weight down to 1,300 pounds. The power comes from a 100 kWh modular battery that’s mated to a 350 hp electric motor. This enables it to reach speeds of more than 85 mph and have a range of 75 miles on a single full charge. That roughly equates to around six hours of runtime. The watercraft is loaded with an autonomous navigation system that has Garmin’s advanced GPS and voice command integration compatible with iOS and Apple Watch.

This EEV comes with high-grade customization to suit the needs of demanding buyers. It is crafted for a four-seat configuration just like a jet-ski, keeping in mind Batman and Robin would hop onto the ride whenever criminals decide to fox the authorities by taking the water route. Plus there’s space for two more to add to the fighting power. If buyers want to have more seating space, the company is also offering a larger version with a 30-foot RIB hull that can ferry 8 passengers. Top speeds on this one are considerably lower at 40 knots but it can cruise for eight hours on a single charge.

Those interested in buying the Maverick GT Stormy Knight luxury boat can head over to the BruceWayneX website for pre-order, or mark their calendars to visit the Wayne Enterprises Experience in New York City from June 3 to 10.