Cape Schanck Is An Elegant & Minimalist Home With A Stunning Bespoke Lighting Range

There’s something about minimalism that simply never goes out of style. And, minimal architecture just has a soft spot in my heart! Minimal architectural designs leave you with a warm feeling in your heart, an intense admiration for the attention to detail, and the delicate touches each structure consists of. They’re simple but smartly designed spaces that radiate an aura of warmth and calmness. And a beautifully designed minimal home that recently caught my eye is the Cape Schanck house by Studio Goss.

Designer: Studio Goss

Designed by Studio Goss for Nicci Kavals, the lighting designer and founder of Articolo Studios, the Cape Schanck house is a thoughtfully designed minimalist house with an impressive lighting range. The unique and sleek architectural structure is nestled in the Australian countryside. It also features a stunning plan for illumination that was created by Studio Goss and Nicci Kavals. “Conceptually, we approached Cape Schanck House as a vessel to capture views and accept and manipulate daylight,” said David Goss, director at Studio Goss. ‘”The resulting design is expressed through a series of blank, abstract forms, animated by the play of light.”

The lighting elements in the home which are a 12:40 lighting range, and Articolo’s newest collection are inspired by the beautiful home, its location, and the design ideology used to create it. “The 12:40 wall sconce is not only architectural in form but it is coupled with tuneable white technology, a feature that works to adjust the color temperature of white light to match the sun’s changing light throughout the day. This has multiple wellness benefits on our health including restoring our circadian rhythm,” said Kavals.

The home is defined by two pavilions which form the mass of the home. The pavilions are clean and defined geometric forms housing a large kitchen, open-plan dining, and living room, as well as two inviting open-air terraces that function as the social hub of the home. The bedrooms include the owner’s primary bedroom, as well as three guest rooms. The entire home beautifully showcases a lovely palette of Blackbutt timber joinery, brick, terrazzo flooring, Moroccan Zeligge tiles, and Galassia marble – which provide the space with a luxurious and refined feel.