Chipolo announces “Perfectly Imperfect” trackers at CES 2024 that are as visually unique as you are

Automation almost always means the death of imperfection. The reason we have robots manufacturing products is because not only is it faster, robots are much more precise than humans, resulting in the kind of consistency we’ve come to expect from the Industrial Age. In a world hyper-focused on sheer perfection, Chipolo is embracing the flawed with its latest release at CES 2024, the limited edition “Perfectly Imperfect” Chipolo CARD Spot, exclusively compatible with the Apple Find My network.

Designer: Chipolo

The brand has launched 10,000 of these unique item trackers, each with its own minor cosmetic imperfection, a bold move that’s more than just a marketing strategy — it’s a statement. Chipolo is challenging the pervasive societal norms dictating that perfection is paramount, suggesting instead that these so-called “defects” are often barely noticeable to others and might be unduly magnified in our own eyes.

Primož Zelenšek, Co-founder, and CEO of Chipolo, expressed his excitement about the launch, stating, “Through the ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ series, we aim to ease lives not just physically through functionality but also mentally, by promoting peace of mind.” This initiative isn’t just about producing unique trackers; it’s about inspiring a change in how people view themselves and their imperfections.

What sets these Chipolo CARD Spot trackers apart is not just their philosophy but also their design. Each tracker features a distinctive blemish on one side and the campaign’s motto, “Perfectly Imperfect,” engraved on the other in a marker-like font developed in collaboration with a female-owned type design studio in Slovenia. This choice in typography reflects the brand’s core values of friendliness and openness and supports the campaign’s message that our imperfections contribute to our uniqueness.

To ensure that this ‘imperfection’ isn’t just a gimmick but is more of a well-rounded message on sustainability, Chipolo has chosen to use plastic with minor imperfections that would typically be discarded, thereby reducing waste and avoiding the creation of additional pollution. This choice underlines Chipolo’s commitment to the environment, ensuring that each tracker is fully functional, with only its exterior bearing the marks of its sustainable journey. It also isn’t the first time Chipolo’s relied on recycled plastic, as the company debuted a series of trackers made from repurposed ocean plastic back in 2020.

Keeping in line with the campaign’s overall message, the company has partnered with The Global Mental Health Peer Network, Hilfsgemeinschaft der Blinden und Sehschwachen Österreichs, and VDC Zasavje, promising to donate $1 for every “Perfectly Imperfect” Chipolo sold. This partnership aims to support the missions of these non-profits, focusing on mental health, support for the blind and visually impaired, and social welfare, respectively.

As these limited edition trackers make their way into pockets and purses worldwide, they carry with them a message of acceptance, sustainability, and community support. Sometimes, it’s about discovering a sense of acceptance and peace within ourselves — and that’s something worth searching for.