Concept for a hotel in space reimagines outer space living

When you think about living in space, the Jetsons’ house is probably the first thing that comes to mind (well, that is if you’re of the generation that regularly watched the animated series). We’re basically imagining how we live on earth but transported to space so there may be some advanced technology things floating around. But the reality is that housing in outer space will probably be very different from how we live on our planet.

Designer: Acromnia Studio

The Acromnia Orbital Hotel is a speculative concept design for how we may actually live in space and it is vastly different from what we’re probably imagining. Instead of just transporting a futuristic looking regular hotel room to space, this is actually a “room” that doesn’t have any furniture or any of the other trappings that we expect from it. Inside the shell (we can barely call it a room), you have a sort of shape-shifting, responsive material that will adapt to what the occupant needs at a certain time.

For example, when it’s sleeping time, the walls will envelop you, which is not so good news if you’re not a fan of closed spaces. In fact, the entire space has a bit of a claustrophobic look to it so it’s not something I’m looking forward to. There are also various buttons and navigation devices that you can use to control what elements and furniture will come out when you need them. The shell also has micropores that will let things like sound, light, scent, and air flow freely through your space.

The hotel room can exist independently as a hexahedron-shaped structure or it can also be put together to form a network of capsules. Living in space outside of space shuttles is still such a conceptual idea that things like this seem light years away for now. But for design companies and for those that are looking into space travel, it’s never too early to plan how we’re going to live and survive outside of Earth.