Corten Steel & Glass Cabins Make Up A Wonderful Wellness Resort In Latvia

Open AD, a Latvian architecture studio created the Ziedlejas Spa and Wellness resort in Sigulda. The property includes a series of Corten steel and glass cabins arranged on a sloping site with views of a pretty pond. The spa is intended to be a modern and contemporary reimagination of the local sauna culture. It includes two independent steam rooms and three cabins.

Designer: Open AD

The three cabins are intended for overnight stays, and they’ve been placed at the top of the sloping site. The Glass Sauna is tucked away at the base of the sloping area, almost digging into the hill, with access to views of the pond. There is another sauna called the Smoke Room, and it is located in a wooded area close by. The Smoke Room is built using charred logs and features a weathered steel roof, that is inspired by the structure of traditional sauna buildings. The Glass Sauna has a charred wood cladding and features the use of Corten Steel in its parapet. Two chimneys also rise from the building, while a massive window offers views of the pond from the wood-lined steam rooms.

The various structures of the property are connected with pathways and stone steps, creating a space that is cohesive and interlinked.  “Each structure is both an independent unit and an intrinsic part of the overall composition…the journey from sauna room to pond is short, and the Glass Sauna is accessible for persons with reduced mobility,” said the studio.

The cabins were created to be minimal and clutter-free. They are subtle and welcoming, with foldaway beds, and tables that rise from the floor. There is also an additional sleeping section on the mezzanine floor above. The glazed sections of the cabins accommodate the living spaces, allowing visitors to have direct access to views of the surrounding landscape. The bathrooms are placed in the Corten-clad sections to offer privacy.

“Ziedlejas welcomes guests all year round, so the solutions need to perform both visually and functionally in a range of conditions such as snowy winters, golden autumn, luscious green summers, and the grey in-between moments,” concluded the studio.