Digital nomads can live and work in self-sufficient mobile home

One of the advantages of people who can work remotely (digital marketers, writers, virtual assistants, etc) is that they can work from literally anywhere. As long as there’s internet and a power source for when their devices run out of juice eventually, these digital nomads have the freedom to set up shop wherever they are and to live in things like mobile homes. We’re seeing a lot of products and concepts targeting this segment and I for one am very interested to see these come to life.

Designer: Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC)

The Mobile Catalyst, nicknamed MOCA, was developed by masteral students from IAAC. Not only is it a perfect space for those that want to work while staying anywhere with a view but it is also an experiment into sustainable and self-sufficient habitat with a digital twist. It is basically a 5.4 meter long, 2.4 meter wide, and 3.6 meter high minimalist space that gives you the basic necessities of living. Its interior is made from dowel-laminated timber produced at the IAAC itself but sustainably harvested of course.

The front part of this mobile home has the basic amenities you would need to live in it like a kitchen, toilet and shower, and electric and water systems. In the middle and the back part is the space that can be turned into an office, a meeting area, a library, a recreation room, or even a space for small events. If you need privacy or partitions and also protection from different weather conditions, there are glass doors and a water-resistant cotton fabric that slides or folds with a pulley. There are also two beds on its “mezzanine” floor and you can reach it through a movable ladder.

And of course since MOCA is designed to be sustainable, you have three light-flexible mono-crystalline solar panels on the roof and LED strips as an interior lining. The house can run on its own for around 24 hours before it needs recharging. Water is also self-sufficient as the system stores, filters, and returns the shower water into reusable water. The entire mobile home is built with digital nomads in mind so they can live, work, and play anywhere they want, as long as the trailer can move and fit in that area.