Does your Power Bank also have a built-in SSD with 4 Terabytes of Storage? This one does…

Have you ever seen a power bank that A. folds in half, B. comes with two wireless charging coils, and C. has a built-in SSD to take backups of photos on your phone and store other data? No? Well, neither had I until I first saw the ANX Duo. Clearly, the ANX Team looked at the power bank and realized it had so much more potential because just putting a lithium-ion battery inside a brick-shaped device is so yesterday. Designed to do much more than charge your phone, the ANX Duo has a foldable-phone-shaped avatar. It folds in half when not in use, opening up into a charging ‘mat’ that can simultaneously wirelessly charge two devices together. A total of 6 USB-C ports on the side let you connect more devices to the ANX Duo, while a 16,000mAh battery on the inside reliably juices all your devices. When your battery woes end and your storage woes begin, the ANX Duo’s built-in SSD (which starts at 128 gigabytes and goes all the way up to a cool 4 terabytes) lets you store all your photos and videos locally, saving on those pesky cloud subscriptions and their monthly fees.

Designer: The ANX Team

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Calling the ANX Duo a power bank is almost a muscle reflex at this point, but in all honesty, this device is MUCH more than just that. It charges batteries (both wirelessly as well as in wired formats), acts as a pass-through charging hub for multiple devices, stores/manages data from your smartphone, and even doubles as a card reader that wirelessly transmits files to your phone from memory cards. It also folds open when in use, and shuts to a compact pocket-friendly form factor during travel.

While most power banks are brick-shaped given the interior layout of Li-ion batteries, the ANX Duo takes on a unique bifold-like design, almost like a folding smartphone. Fold it open and you’re greeted with two wireless charging coils offering a maximum output of 15W per coil. If you want more power, however, a wired connection to one of the many USB-C ports gives you a maximum output of 60W, helping you fast-charge your phones when you’re in a bit of a hurry. The ANX Duo’s 16,000mAh overall battery holds enough power to juice all your devices, from the larger tablets and handheld gaming consoles to phones, wearables, and even the smallest TWS earbuds.

Even though it looks like a folding smartphone, its 6 USB-C ports should convince you of the fact that you’re dealing with something entirely different. The 6 ports, combined with the two wireless coils, let you simultaneously juice multiple devices at the same time… but the ANX Duo has another trick up its sleeve. Connect it to a power source using one of the USB-C ports and it enters what its creators call a “Desk Hub Mode”. In this mode, the ANX Duo goes from being a power bank to being a multi-device hub, managing power delivery to its five other USB-C ports and two wireless coils. When plugged in, the ANX Duo effectively lets you charge 7 devices at the same time, managing the energy requirements of each device right through one power source while ALSO charging itself. This pass-through charging feature means you can use your ANX Duo and a single power outlet to recharge ALL your portable gadgets at the same time… a feature you probably wouldn’t expect from any power bank on the market.

When you’re not charging devices, the ANX Duo serves as an external drive for storing and managing data. Plug your ANX Duo into your phone, tablet, or laptop and you can switch into OTG mode to access the Duo’s built-in M.2 NVMe SSD. The folks at ANX offer storage capacities ranging from a conservative 128GB all the way to a whopping 4TB. That means you can store large files, take device backups, and dump all your phone’s photos and videos directly onto your so-called ‘power bank’. A smartphone app lets you manage your ANX Duo’s data, allowing you to sort through files, transfer them to and from your phone, and even wirelessly access and transfer media from memory cards by plugging them directly into the ANX Duo. Superfast read/write speeds of 1050mbps/950mbps allow you to transfer files much faster than you would through the cloud. Plus, since the data is stored locally on your ANX Duo, you don’t need an internet connection, you don’t need to shell out subscription fees, and more importantly, your files are safe from being snooped on or breached by bad actors, governments, or large companies.

The ANX Duo measures a cool 5.3″ x 2.9″ (135mm x 75mm) in length and width when folded, boasting an overall thickness of just 0.7 inches (19mm). Open it up and you’re provided with a sizeable charging mat that’s now 5.9 inches wide (152mm) and a mere 0.35 inches thick (9mm). The entire device’s enclosure is made from aluminum along with ABS + PC polymer for durability as well as heat management, and the ANX Duo weighs a paltry 9.2 ounces (263 grams), making it perfect for travel. The multi-functional gadget starts at a discounted $69 which gets you the 128GB variant, although you can upgrade to 512GB, 1TB, 2TB, or even 4TB (which is still a steal at just $219). Each ANX Duo begins shipping as early as February 2024, and comes with a 1-year warranty on the power bank, and a 3-year warranty on the SSD.

Click Here to Buy Now: $69 $99 (30% Off) Hurry, only 48 hours left!