E-ink wall frame lets you read your newspaper’s front page

Believe it or not, there are still newspapers around and there are people (and not all of them old) who still prefer reading through this “old school” way of getting news. There has been a countdown to the demise of the printed versions of these publications but they are still alive and kicking. But we have to admit that there is so much new technology out there and these news organizations need to be able to adapt or eventually go the way of the dinosaurs.

Designer: Alexander Klöpping

The newest device that can help you consume news in a blend of digital and sort of analog way is Project E Ink which is basically a frame that you can hang on your wall. But instead of just having a static piece of art on this device, it will display the first page of the newspaper that you’re subscribed to so you can read the most important pieces of news for that day while drinking your coffee and staring at your wall. And from its name, it uses electronic ink.

The newspaper front page reader is a 32-inch screen which is the same size of an actual newspaper front page when it is unfolded. There are no other buttons on the device and it is not a touchscreen that you can swipe through. All it shows you is the front page of the newspaper and it will be refreshed every day. The battery can last for weeks since that’s one of the advantages of e-ink. It weighs just 17.6 pounds so there should be no danger of it falling off your wall.

At $3,050, it is an expensive piece of newspaper but should appeal to those looking to have a conversation and statement piece on their walls rather than as an actual way of consuming news. The creators also encourage people to subscribe to their favorite newspapers since they’re not really affiliated with any of the publications. You can subscribe to their online portal for content management at €60 annually.