Earbuds with nano camera and smart AI are more than just music for your ears

Earbuds are a kind of accessory you’ll find most common in anybody’s arsenal. They isolate you from the distracting outside world and help you focus while working, exercising, commuting, or anything in between. Extending the usability of earbuds for people with vision problems or in general even the common users who like to turn on their ANC at full blast. Apart from the audio information, the eyes are the best sensors to gauge the environment.

The Cell Buds are an evolution of the good old earbuds into a wearable that assists the blind in navigating crowded spaces or even being aware of what’s around them with sound cues coming from the buds equipped with nano camera units that keep track of any information that may be vital. This eliminates the need for transparency mode to be aware of the space, or even situations where you want strong ANC while being totally aware of what’s happening around in a crowded urban area, essentially making them your eyes and mind for daily life assistance.

Designer: Minwoo Kim


These earbuds are loaded with an ultra-compact vision cam and AI to bring all the smart features of your smartphone to this cool gadget plugged into the ears. As a part of the Samsung Design Membership course, Minwoo conceptualized this design to dramatically improve the user’s experience. The on-device AI brings personalized interaction with information available in the cloud and the compact vision cameras keep sensing the surrounding environment around you for any signs of danger or information that might be important to you. For example, an approaching motorist from the left when you are busy crossing the street.

With smart AI, the wearables can be useful for frequent travelers or people with vision impairments. The hands-free personal assistance provided by Cell Buds keeps you from checking your phone, thereby curbing your digital life for good. Design and comfort are prime when it comes to the concept, as Kim has managed to fit a rotating camera unit inside the housing that houses the driver units, microphones, and the battery. According to him, the camera drive unit slightly protrudes from the ear to increase the camera’s field of view.