Enjoy camping in the great outdoors in comfort with off-grid camper trailer

There are different kinds of people who go camping. There are those that really want to rough it out in the middle of nature, away from the bare necessities that we’ve gotten used to every day. But there are also those that want to stay close to their creature comforts while still experiencing some semblance of the great outdoors. If you’re more of the latter, this Mad Max-looking vehicle may be the one for you.

Designer: Bruder

The Bruder EXP-8 is the flagship vehicle from the Australian adventure trailer manufacturer. If you want to experience an outdoor adventure, you can do so in the comfort of this off-grid camper trailer that is “designed and built for all seasons and environments”. You will be able to drive through the most uneven of terrains and the most extreme climactic conditions as it has 12 inches of suspension travel and three times more usable wheel travel than others in its category.

On the outside, it looks like something out of a Mad Max movie, but with a sleeker and sturdier look. Inside, it is spacious and has a pretty luxurious set up complete with a fully functional kitchen, a living room, bedroom, a bathroom that looks like those you can see in hotels, and gallery windows so you can enjoy a good view of the outdoors. It also has solar panels, a 20 KwH battery, and a 500W inverter so you can get enough power for four people inside the camper.

While it looks tough and heavy, they used lightweight construction for the Bruder EXP-8. It is also able to calibrate its height to fit different kinds of tow vehicles. It can even level out on sloping camp spots so you can enjoy the best of both worlds while camping out in luxury.