Experience Pure Sound and Fresh Air with the Moss Echo: The Ultimate Air-Purifying Wireless Speaker

Nature and tech are almost always at odds. Technology is fast-moving, often focused on productivity/entertainment and nothing else. Nature, on the other hand, is a more immovable force that nourishes you and teaches you patience. It isn’t common to see the both of them intertwined together seamlessly, but the folks at MOSSLAB seem to have figured out the impossible. Designed to be a smart display, a speaker, an alarm clock, an air purifier, and also a living plant, the Moss Echo intertwines both shrubbery and silicon into one unique solution. The tabletop device is characterized by a wall of moss – the plant responsible for 30% of all the oxygen we breathe – but power it on and an LED screen comes to life right through the moss facade. This acts as the Moss Echo’s display interface, while the device itself works as an alarm, wireless speaker, and an air purifier that relies on real living greenery to cleanse the air you breathe and help relieve stress.

Designer: Yoonsang Kim of Mosslab

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Moss Echo goes beyond the typical utilitarian smart device. Yes, it displays the time, functions as an alarm clock, and lets you play music or podcasts via Bluetooth. But the real star of the show is the moss itself. Nestled within a replaceable filter, this actual living plant isn’t just decorative; it serves as a natural air purifier. The moss’s tiny structures efficiently absorb pollutants, releasing clean air back into your environment, while filling your room with the natural scent of flora that is known to be an instant stress-buster.

Perfect for having by your bedside, living room, or even on your work-table, the Moss Echo helps keep you calm. While the wall of moss itself looks delightful, it works in tandem with the built-in wireless speaker to calm and recharge you. Moss Echo’s companion app lets you play soothing nature sounds while the display accompanies it with visuals to match. You can even choose between different visualizations for the speaker, or set a sleep mode that cues the device to gradually lower its audio before turning off within half an hour.

Moss is considered to be the world’s oldest plant, and by that logic, can be said to be responsible for all natural life because of its first ability to synthesize oxygen from carbon dioxide. Even though it’s so small, it’s arguably much more effective than plants thousands of times larger than itself. Just two hours of exposing indoor air to moss can reduce fine dust by 90%, VOCs (volatile organic compounds) by 60%, and CO2 by 40%.

The living moss and LEDs coexist together in mutually beneficial ways. The LEDs use a proprietary light pole technology that actually boosts the moss’ photosynthesis capabilities by 20%, allowing it to clean air more efficiently, while the moss adds a touch of greenery to the otherwise industrial-looking LED panel, creating an illusion of the plants actually lighting up to display the time or respond to music and other cues.

The magic is evident when you water the moss by spraying it with mist with the smart sprayer that comes along with the Echo. Moss Echo’s LED screen reacts to the user every time water is sprayed and shows various interactive graphics. The moss itself comes to life too in no time too, opening up and spreading its distinct plant-like smell in the air. The screen can additionally be personalized to display other things too, when sitting dormant. You can choose to have something as utilitarian as a clock, or opt for calming elements like clouds or a sunrise/sunset or even dandelions. If you have a child around the house, the Moss Echo’s screen can even display a cute avatar cartoon that looks around with animated eyes.

The Moss Echo’s design also strikes that beautiful balance, with the wall of moss on the front interspersed with the LED matrix, encased within a sleek box-shaped design that comes in either black or white. Buttons on the top, along with an elegant linear knob let you access the Moss Echo’s features and control playback. LEDs also give you status indications, like WiFi and Bluetooth connection, or even when the moss needs watering Under the dynamic green matrix lies a powerful set of audio drivers that draw their thump from a 120 Mhz Qualcomm® Kalimba™ DSP, providing a high-performance 24-bit mono audio interface.

The Moss Echo comes from the folks at MOSSLAB, who designed the mini vertical forest Moss Air last year that used the power of moss to clean and humidify your air. The Echo is the company’s next logical step, bringing nature to the omnipresent wireless speaker in a way that goes well beyond just listening to music or having one or two potted plants.

Each Moss Echo comes with a USB-C cable to power it, and a smart spray bottle that tells the Echo’s display to react when it’s spritzed with water (your regular plant could never!) To ensure that the Moss Echo can withstand the water, the light poles or LEDs are built to be waterproof, and to keep your moss alive, it’s recommended you mist it 2-3 times every day. However, it’s an incredibly resilient species too, capable of enduring up to 6 months without moisture. Once watered, it quickly springs back to life, resuming photosynthesis to sustain its vitality. The Moss Echo starts at $179 for a single unit and ships globally.

Click Here to Buy Now: $199 $299 ($100 off). Hurry, only 263/400 left! Raised over $158,000.