Explore Instagram in a refreshing interface with this retro-modern gadget

For those who just can’t resist scrolling their Instagram feed, a standalone gadget is the way to go. The easy accessibility to carry it along in your pocket and access anytime. This is the Retro Instagram Gadget that carries the charm of the classic 90s designs with a definitive element of the old television and a semblance of retro gaming console shapes.

But don’t let the looks fool you as the concept gadget is fitted with state-of-the-art technology to enjoy Instagram on your terms. Loaded with the latest wireless and Bluetooth configuration, the gadget lets you upload your favorite photos and videos on the fly.

Designer: Edwar Banquet

The accessory makes complete sense for someone who’s using Instagram for content creation or taking advantage of business avenues in the online space. The ability to update the latest from your kitty without having the distractions of phone calls or messages from other apps is the high point here. Casual users can also simplify their Instagram checking rituals with this lifestyle accessory. There are dedicated buttons for interacting with your followers, scrolling the feed, typing in your responses on comments, or simply sharing content with buddies.

The long-lasting battery on this one can last for days, so even if you are constrained by charging issues during travels or busy office hours, the Retro Instagram Gadget doesn’t disrupt your updating schedule. The nostalgic element of this accessory makes you want to appreciate the finer things in life and the tactile button input further enhances the usage experience.

Using this standalone gadget makes sense for people who use Instagram extensively. For those who use other social media platforms as well, they are better off with their multi-tasking bundle of joy – yes your smartphone!