FIAT unveils bold Panda concepts dressed as a pick-up, SUV, camper, fastback and city car

At the Geneva Auto Show FIAT has revealed its plans to launch a Panda-based vehicle every year until the year 2027. The initiative kicked off at the show with the reveal of five concept cars in line with this vision of a next-generation Panda family that’ll grow bigger with time.

For those who don’t know, the Panda is FIAT’s minicar that’s been in production ever since 2011. The vehicle comes in a basic hatchback form and a much tougher Panda Cross version that’s called the Panda Cross. For the future, FIAT wants to expand the basic body styles to the pickup, campervan, SUV and coupe crossover with the Panda concepts that’ll eventually take shape as production cars. The concepts in question for the global market here are all based on the platform by Stellantis, the parent company.

Designer: FIAT

At the time of writing, FIAT hasn’t given any insight into the technical details but has confirmed that all these variants will be bigger than the original Panda. Also, they’ve confirmed that the production version (sometime in the future) of these concepts will come with the option of gas, hybrid or electric powertrain. Other than that, around 80 percent of the components will be common to all the versions. So let’s have a look at all of them in detail right away.

As clear from the name, the City Car will be a glimpse into the general direction of the brand in the future. This one is similar to the Panda in more ways than not. There are eye-candy square doors and peculiar pink tires (inspired by the Barbie, maybe). The car is inspired by the iconic Lingotto building in Turin known for its rooftop test track. Reminiscences of the structure are apparent in the design of the concept including things like the structural lightness, overall bright theme and the space optimization on the inside. Talking of the interiors, they are made from sustainable materials including bamboo and recycled plastics.


FIAT already has a foothold in the Brazilian pickup market in the form of the Strada. The second concept wants to build on the success by inculcating fun and functionality with this concept. The perfect amalgam of a pick-up with the functionality of an LCV and the comfort of an SUV, the vehicle is fit for urban lifestyle. For people who like an outdoorsy lifestyle, the FIAT pickup concept sets the tone for the future.

This concept is an ode to the success of FIAT Fastback in Brazil and the FIAT Tipo in the Middle East and Africa. Created on the same modular platform and bearing a very sporty look, the Fastback concept builds on the sustainable commitment of the brand without compromising on the performance quotient. This comes courtesy of the aerodynamic performance for lower fuel consumption.

This is a more muscular version of the Panda resulting in a more spacious interior for a family to ride in comfort. On those lines, the car is loaded with all that a family would desire in a performance SUV. Top that off with the safety, versatility and attractive design of the concept and FIAT lovers will have enough reason not to go elsewhere.

Lastly, FIAT has created the ultimate all-terrain vehicle that brings adventure seekers close to nature without much fuzz. According to FIAT, the concept pays homage to “Fun-ctionality” of the 80s Panda. It has the versatility of a regular car for urban commutes and the toughness of an SUV to go adventuring anytime, anywhere.