Firefly’s custom-built foldable titanium-frame bicycle fits perfectly into this Rimowa travel Case

Ming watches exist for a clock enthusiast like me. No wonder then, I knew a thing or two about the lead founder and designer Ming Thein. I was aware that he is an avid photographer and a horologist, but honestly, I didn’t know he is also big enough a cycling buff to get Firefly to customize him an everyday bike that could fold to fit into his Rimowa luggage for easy travel.

Firefly Bicycles needs no introductions. It is known for customizing bikes to order whether you need a racer, a durable one for off-roading, or something “totally different,” in the case of Ming, a truly foldable commuter with all the bells and whistles.

Designer: Firefly

Tailored to Ming Thein, is the pictured Firefly MiniVelo travel bike. It is by virtue a titanium bicycle designed to fit perfectly inside a Rimowa travel case. The custom-made bike has been specially designed to disassemble and assemble like a puzzle to fit into a briefcase and back to ride without a flinch.

The MiniVelo thrives on its lightweight and durable chassis that can be unfastened into two halves, with other parts following suit, disassembling to fit into a piece of compact luggage. The main highlight here, which makes the entire assembly and disassembly routine interesting, is the hydraulic line couplers built into the bike frame.

The innovation of this bike design extends to the 3D printed forks, SMC Govan tri-spoke wheels, and seat post made of carbon fiber, which together contribute to the lightweight of the MiniVelo travel bike. Furthering the idea of unique travel customized to user style, Firefly allows the titanium frame to be a canvas for anodizing.

The MiniVelo, as mentioned, is made to order for a horologist with a love for travel and cycling. Firefly is not likely to, at least at the time of writing, replicate the idea for mass production. But if you are fascinated by the idea of a titanium mini bicycle, you can fit in Rimowa luggage, head over to Firefly Bicycles, and request a customized option right away.