Forest fire sensor system can detect danger within the first 15 minutes

We’ve seen a lot of horrible forest fires that have destroyed homes, properties, and whole ecosystems in an area. We see such destruction just because someone did not put out a cigarette properly or through an accident or even through a natural phenomenon. If there were better wildfire detection systems in place then maybe the damage would have been lessened or even prevented. This award-winning sensor system hopes to solve that problem and help save forests from future wildfires.

Designers: Suat Batuhan Esirger and Rana Imam

ForestGuard is a sensor system that is able to detect fires in real-time through its IoT-based, satellite-connected system. The devices are fixed on tree trunks through flexible, elastic straps that will not intervene with the tree’s growth. It is fixed at a height of 3 meters and can be placed every 16 hectares if you want an entire forest to be monitored. It also has a machine-learning algorithm that will be able to tell whether the smoke is from a vehicle’s exhaust, someone smoking a cigarette, or whether it’s an actual forest fire.

The modules actually have wide-spectrum sensors that will be able to measure gas levels, temperature, humidity, air pressure, and air quality for different scenarios. The sensor modules will transmit the data to GeoStationary satellites that will beam it back to earth and to the servers. Reaction time of authorities and firefighters can be reduced to under 15 minutes if everything works properly and the emergency condition is verified.

They have integrated Li-Ion Hyper Capacitors with the solar panels so the devices themselves will not cause a fire even if under extremely hot conditions. There is also an internal gyro sensor for anti-tamper and anti-theft features. The case manufacturing uses forest-collected plastics to helo reduce environmental impact. Hopefully more forest systems get to adapt this sensor system and help reduce the number of dangerous forest fires that occur in various places.