Gaia Tiny House Is Wider & Longer Than Typical Tiny Homes With A Spacious Interior

Named the Gaïa Tiny House, this impressive home by Baluchon is unlike its usual pint-sized dwellings. The home occupies 387 square feet, and it features a spacious interior layout that can easily accommodate a small family, letting them live in absolute comfort. The tiny home is finished in pine, and accentuated with aluminum accenting, creating a subtle and minimal exterior. It is based on a double-axle trailer.

Designer: Baluchon

The tiny home has a length of almost 26 feet, making it 6.5 feet longer than Baluchon’s usual tiny homes, which is something to appreciate. It has a width of 11.4 feet, which is an increase and improvement over Baluchon’s usual 8.2 feet. These little adjustments make a massive difference, as they create an apartment-style layout within the home, but this also means the house needs a permit to be towed on the road.

The home is connected to the outdoors via massive glass doors, which also connect to the terrace area, which is yet to be attached. A secondary door is installed on the opposite wall, which allows visitors into the living room. The living room has quite a spacious appeal, and it is equipped with generous glazing, a sofa bed, and a chair. The kitchen is located nearby, and it is arranged in a L-shape while holding a fridge/freezer, oven, sink, two-burner propane-powered stove, shelving, and custom cabinetry. The space also includes a dining table for four people. The kitchen and bathroom are connected through a small sliding door, and the bathroom contains a shower, sink, toilet, and some storage space.

The Gaïa Tiny House accommodates two bedrooms, and both of them are conventional loft spaces with low ceilings. You can access the main bedroom via a storage-integrated staircase, and it includes a double bed, two oak bedside tables, and a long storage unit with drawers. The second bedroom can be accessed through floating stairs that seem to extend from the main staircase. This room includes a single bed and an oak desk study area. Both rooms have a skylight with an integrated electric bind.