Galaxy Flip case with a built-in foldable tripod can transform your phone into the perfect camcorder

I had literally forgotten about camcorders; I don’t even rightly remember the last time I used one. Since cameras on the smartphones have outdone handycams and reached near DSLR efficacy – at least with high-end models – there’s been a drastic slump in everyday usage of camcorders. Whether you want to capture family moments at home, record landscapes, or timelapse a sunset, mobile cameras are friendlier and convenient for doing it all. Chiefly because we have a smartphone on us 24/7 and an additional device is not necessary for taking pictures or recording videos.

This is why 90 Degree Instinct was an instant reminder for the moments of truth I have had with a Sony camcorder I now have lying dead in the vault. This guy is not another camcorder or a stark reminder for anyone like me that they existed. This is perhaps a utility accessory for anyone who loves capturing moments with their smartphone – especially the Samsung Galaxy Flip.

Designer: Ugly Duckling

Essentially a case for the Galaxy Flip foldable smartphone; the idea is to help home chefs, influencers, and everyday social media buffs to shoot more professional videos by transforming the smartphone into a capable camcorder. The designer has particularly chosen the foldable Samsung phone for his experimental case concept because when the Flip is placed at a “90 degrees” angle, “it resembles the shape of a… small camcorder.”

By transforming the ordinary Flip into a camcorder, user can maximize its usability for capturing videos. The case offers the phone a camcorder-esque grip for better handling, and integrates a tripod inside, to present exceptional stability without additional accessories.

The added weight of the case may be a point of contention for those who prefer a sleek device, but if you can bear the bulk – which of course is way lesser than towing a portable tripod along – you can be rest assured that the 90 Degre Instinct will not compromise portability of the phone despite the additional functions.

Designed in a range of colors, the solid case comes with point-and-shoot buttons and a tripod mount on one side, and a foldable tripod embedded on the top. The foldable tripod hinge is robust and stands out with its metallic look against the granite appearance otherwise. With the given features and their functionality, I’m impressed! Perhaps I don’t have a Flip, but if you do, you should expect the case to see the light of day.