Handheld e-ink reader helps you pick up and practice new languages

Dubbed the Paperang Q1, this portable ‘vocabulary card’ works better than Duolingo, allowing you to take quizzes, access flash cards, and quickly pick up new phrases. It’s smaller than a Kindle, and does a much better job of teaching you a new language than those translator apps that only focus on short-term gains. And unlike other e-ink readers, this comes with a speaker too, enabling audio-based learning.

Designer: Zuoyebang Education Technology (Beijing) Limited

The Paperang Q1 comes with a 3.9-inch e-ink display with touch input, along with a home button on the side and a record button on the top. Its staggered design gives it a distinct aesthetic that makes it instantly recognizable, with its quadrilateral forms intersecting each other to give you an overall rectangle that still feels different. Except, what you’d expect to be a camera bump is, in fact, the speaker unit that pumps out rich audio. The bump also gives your fingers a place to rest as you’re holding the device.

The Paperang Q1’s simplistic design opens it up to a lot of visual exploration. The two forms can be paired in distinct colors, creating a fun and funky palette.  The device itself comes in black and white variants, although it does feature replaceable metal backplates that add a touch of color to the overall gadget, allowing users to choose between classic or vibrant color schemes.