Hotel on Wheels: Vision Pullman Express redefines luxury travel honed by Level 5 Autonomy

Traveling luxuriously in modern times is synonymous with names like the Maybach S Class, Rolls Royce Ghost, Porsche Panamera and Bentley Continental GT. Such is the lure of luxury that once you get a taste of it, you never want to go back. The same holds for the future where clean energy vehicles will overtake their gasoline-powered counterparts.

Even at that time luxury will be at the forefront for those who can afford to own. The Hotel on Wheels: Vision Pullman Express culminates from that inner desire for comfortable mobility for a premium experience. The concept vehicle designed by Arya Kani holds merit for short-term travelers as well as those who prefer more adventurous escapades wrapped in the best luxury available.

Designer: Arya Kani

The car is equipped with level 5 autonomy, dripping with utmost comfort and flexible options for traveling while working or resting. There are swappable seats, dedicated sections for rest and work for professional travelers. The buck doesn’t stop at that as there are options for flexible drop-offs, mobile bot room service and even the option to hop on one of the integrated micro-mobility scooters and bikes. Yes, these micro vehicles are housed within the huge Hotel on Wheels which justifies its name threefold.

Since we are more levied towards the design aspect let’s throw some light on the semi-flat front cabin contrasted by the elegant rear section. The front grille bears the Mercedes-Benz influence with the apparent logo muting any inquisitiveness. The daylight opening with the semi-flat glass and a front seat row seems out of place but has a valid purpose. The wavey exterior is inspired by the West Coast of the United States for that cool overall vibe.

On the inside, the car has an airy large glass roof for maximum natural light to seep in. Comfort and functionality are given precedence here with dual zones for seating and dining. There are adjustable rising seats to enjoy the panoramic view outside, whether parked or traveling. For the more flamboyant type, there is the lookout bar with the perfect ambiance for weekend fun. The interior can be turned into a private oasis with the push of a button to reduce the natural light coming in which comes in handy for the summers too.

This concept sees Mercedes-Benz and Belmond Group join forces to plug this huge gap in the futuristic vehicle market that concentrates solely on clean energy and minimalism. The designers envision a future where people will be able to rent out such vehicles for a quality-of-life experience amidst the choking strains of going minimalistic. The premium urban travel-themed aura of the vehicle will be 100 percent tailored to the needs of discerning travelers.

The choice of the two brands to develop this EV concept seems logical since Mercedes-Benz and Belmond Group have evolving businesses in travel and mobility. Take, for example, the Mercedes Sprinter and Orient Express trains by Belmond.