iKamper Skycamp DLX four-person rooftop tent arrives with LED lighting, inflatable mattress, and cork flooring

Rooftop tents have their market. Most developers understand the demand and are leaving no stone unturned. To that accord, we already have double-story pick-up rooftop tents ruling the roost. But what if you don’t have a pickup? iKamper has been in constant hustle to give us (those without pickups) reasons to explore, not only as a couple but even stretch the exploration experience to a group of friends or a family.

After the success of the Skycamp 3.0, iKamper is now including some customer-preferred aftermarket accessories into their new fold-out rooftop tent that should elevate the camping experience for many in more ways than one. Dubbed the Skycamp DLX (deluxe, if you may) follows the similar design language of its predecessor with a black finish and hardshell body and then adds to its some features like LED mood lighting, inflatable comfortable mattress, and cork flooring to give us the ultimate, four-person rooftop tent.

Designer: iKamper

The deluxe rooftop tent is basically a hardshell rooftop tent during the day and when popped up open, it reveals a whole lot of living space for an entire family. It comes with a Rocky Black textured matte black fiber-reinforced shell and features a strong aluminum honeycomb base, on which iKamper has installed cork flooring for better insulation and noise-proofing. The pop-up contraption is defined by heavy-duty fabric that complements the durability and style of the hardshell.

Interestingly, the Skycamp DLX is a four-season rooftop tent that unfolds to double the living/sleeping area while remaining compact in the drive mode. Its versatility is enhanced by its compatibility: the roof tent is compatible with most vehicle types with a mounting system that allows it to mount onto most cross bars and roof racks. Adding to the durable form factor is the full black-out privacy to keep your space sleep-worthy, unless you want the light to penetrate in, and has ample interior storage to store the bedding and other essentials.

For the natural light to fill the space well and ensure ventilation, the rooftop tent has multiple windows and a skylight. The best however is reserved for the evening when the integrated, colored lights can light up the tent interior as soon as it is connected to the USB port. LED light strips are also installed on the outside, to light up the ladder and entry. These lights have different color and illumination variations, controllable from the remote control onboard.

Once the evening has set, the lights are ready and glowing to your mood, and it’s time to hit the bed; you can inflate the mattress within (using the provided pump) and comfortably doze off to get up fresh for a new day of exploration. For those interested, iKamper is offering the Skycamp DLX in two configurations. The starting price for the four-man Skycamp DLX starts at $5,150. The Skycamp DLX Mini, a two-man rooftop tent option will set you back by $4,450.