iPhone 16S concept mimics the Rabbit R1 format to reinstate that a phone is the best pocket AI device

We are still living with the iPhone 15 and its variants; the era of the iPhone 16 is further away from now. As known, it’s customary of Apple to drop its new seedlings (iPhone variants, if you like) in September every year and it looks like there is nothing unusual this year as well. Like every other year in the past, since Steve Jobs revealed the first iPhone – feels like it was a century ago – iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Pro variants will arrive with new features.

A lot of them are leaking in bits and will continue to do so until the launch date. Irrespective of that, we will continue to have our own wishlists: long battery performance… please, elaborate AI integration into the iOS, and perhaps smaller screen real estate…hmm! When everyone else is putting their money on predicting the possible large display sizes of the iPhone 16 Pro Max, the Phone Industry is taking an ‘S’ route: A concept of an iPhone 16S that looks to take design cues from the Rabbit R1.

Designer: Phone Industry

For reference, the Rabbit R1 isn’t a typical gadget, and so is not its design. The boxy little AI device is designed to learn from your commands and do more than what the average smartphone can do. That is until the recent debacle of reviews that are showing that the real-world evolution of the Rabbit is far from its advocated details. Anyhow, this is not about what the Rabbit R1 does, it’s about the identical-looking (minus the hold bars on the top and bottom) iPhone 16S concept because the best AI device you can have in your pocket – in the foreseeable future is a phone!

Perhaps then the form factor of the concept phone in question may be stolen from the Rabbit R1, it does have some interesting ideas reliving its iPhone 16 identity (as the rumors hold it for now). The iPhone 16S is taking the expected Capture Button idea from the forthcoming iPhone deals, to give us a pocket camera-like physical clicking button from the yesteryears.

So, the hypothetical capture button on the opposite side of the iPhone 15 Pro like the Action Button, gives this iPhone a more camera-like feel. While Apple is considering on reworking the camera array in the upcoming iPhone 16 lineup, this concept sticks to the S series iPhone basics and uses just one – obviously multi-capability – camera in the rear. The highlight for me – besides the square form factor – of the iPhone 16S concept is its all-metal body and an interesting pattern around the Apple logo on the back. What do you think?