Jackery’s Latest Rooftop Tent for your Camper also has a set of 1000W Solar Panels for off-grid travel

In a blend of sustainable energy and outdoor adventure, Jackery is redefining the concept of off-grid living with its latest innovation: a rooftop tent that doubles as a powerful solar generator. Debuting at CES this year, this 1000W system, featuring retractable solar panels, is not just a fleeting showcase but a promising reality set to enter production in the latter part of 2024. Positioned atop a pickup, the tent unfurls to reveal a sizable solar array, angling gracefully toward the sun. The retractable panels are designed to generate up to 4.96kWh daily in the sunny western U.S., diminishing slightly to 4kWh as one travels eastward. While details about its wind resilience are pending, the focus, for now, is on its remarkable energy-harnessing capability.

Designer: Jackery

Rooftop tents equipped with solar panels aren’t novel, but Jackery’s approach is. Traditional setups often rely on lightweight, flexible panels that don’t fully utilize the available surface area, leading to suboptimal energy conversion. Jackery changes the game by covering the entire roof with solar cells and extending them outward, ensuring maximum power generation and neatly integrating the necessary wiring to feed the Jackery power station.

The concept feeds into a separate 1.26kWh E1000 Plus power station, boasting 2000W of AC output, enough to power a range of appliances from a portable air conditioner to an electric cooker. Interestingly, the E1000 Plus isn’t just sun-dependent; it can also recharge from your car or a wall jack, offering flexibility for various travel scenarios.

Beyond power, the tent promises comfort and convenience. It’s equipped with a memory foam mattress, insulation, dimmable and color-controllable lighting, and waterproof fabric with blackout windows. The promise of an “onboard charging module” in the production version adds a layer of anticipation to what’s already an exciting proposition.

As Jackery prepares to bring this concept to life, outdoor enthusiasts and tech aficionados alike wait with bated breath. The company’s innovation not only offers a greener way to travel but also promises a blend of comfort and convenience that’s often lacking in off-grid adventures. While we await more details and the eventual roll-out in Q4, one thing is clear: the future of outdoor living looks a lot brighter, and it’s powered by the sun.