Jar blender concept brings both aesthetic and function

A lot of aspiring product designers get inspiration from existing brands whose aesthetics are very distinct. One famous brand of hair dryers and stylers has made its mark on those interested in product design (and pretty devices) and has served as a basis for concepts. We get a lot of “what if _____ made _____” concepts from aspiring designers and it’s actually pretty interesting to see what they come up with just based on the current product line of these brands.

Designers: Anika Patel, Arya Shewale, Prapti Shah, Pratyasa Samanta, Nandana B. Nair, Pia Walia

A lot of the blenders we see are more functional rather than aesthetic. But who says you can’t have both? This concept for a Jar Blender blends (pun intended) the two as you get a cylindrical form that uses chamfered surfaces to connect to the various parts. Using the industrial and minimalist aesthetic, you have what looks like one of those modern-looking gas lamps. But it is in fact designed to be a functional blender that you can use in your kitchen or even bring with you if you’re traveling.

Aside from the sleek aesthetics, you get key functional elements, at least on paper and in renders. It has things like a liquid level window, lock alignment indicator, and a power switch and in keeping with their visual inspiration, they use rounded rectangles as a key element. And if you’re the type who likes seeing the blender in action, the section around the blade is transparent so you can see how it works in blending the various ingredients you put in it (or if you’re doing a “will it blend?” kind of content). There’s also a perforated mesh at the bottom so the blender gets proper ventilation and air circulation.

The blender also comes with a cap so if you need to carry around the juice or energy shake that you blended, you don’t need a separate bottle for it. The jar is 500ml which should be enough for a drink for one person. It would be interesting to see this aesthetic jar blender come to life.