Land Rover Discovery reinterpreted as overlanding monster in this evoking concept

Land Rover Discovery as a lifestyle SUV has set the bar really high for other automakers to match. The vehicle is potent enough to graduate to an overlander, given the British multinational car manufacturer has plans to design such a four-wheeler in the future.

Those aspirations could be fuelled by this interesting overlanding concept inspired by the legacy of Discovery. Dubbed Newlands, the off-roading vehicle is inspired by the classic Land Rover that for decades has dominated the Swiss and South African landscapes.

Designer: Jobin Sunil

This overlander maintains the DNA of the Discovery and expands beyond its current form factor to make it capable of conquering any terrain a tough vehicle is expected to traverse. The cosmetic changes extend the boxy look of the vehicle on the front and rear. The former is preserved with a clean and uncluttered appearance reminiscent of the brand, while the latter follows the open-back design of the vehicle.

The front has been shorted to amplify the boxy silhouette of the concept which is a detour from the classic look. That open configuration fully announces the raw aesthetic of a safari-worthy Land Rover. This new design language maximizes the internal space for the adventure seekers and the bumped-up ride height ensures no trail is unscalable for the vehicle.

The open four-seater configuration of the Overlander calls on-board all adventurers who want to experience raw nature up close and personal. The only thing that this off-roader could benefit from is a durable roof cover for inclement weather conditions.