LG PICK floor standing speaker concept houses a beam projector to satisfy your entertainment cravings

There’s something magical about audio accessories that grabs my attention without bounds. This concept floor-standing speaker conceptualized for LG piqued my interest for more reasons than one. The primary one is the versatility of use and the multifunctional properties that in no way overpower the minimal aesthetics.

Picturing the LG PICK speaker in a living room or a geeky WFH setup won’t be hard, and I already wish this was a real product coming out of the South Korean electronics giant’s production lines. The movable speaker rightly called the Sound Tree Audio System brings with it maximum freedom to set up your audio listening space without too many frills.

Designer: KDM+

The standing base of the speaker has one resounding advantage of fitting in one more useful gadget and functionality that any user will love. Case in point a beam projector and a clamp to hook on your smartphone for watching content. That’s not it, the rear side of the speaker is a display that shows vital information like current weather, music playing interface, clock, or anything a widget is good for. The speaker module can be oriented in any direction or simply taken out to function as a portable speaker.

The beam projector can be used in conjunction with the speaker to enjoy multimedia content like movies or videos. You can project the image on any plain surface such as a wall or ceiling. On the lower end of the floor stand is the mount compatible with most devices like a smartphone or tablet. On the base lies the charging port to keep the whole thing juiced up and act as a charging pod for the detachable speaker and the projector.

Overall, the concept envisioned for LG seems like a practical product for modern lifestyle needs. The aesthetics are also on point to please any enthusiast no matter the age or gender. For me, the PICK Sound Tree System scores very high in terms of a winning design.