LG’s new Bluetooth speaker will sync with battery-powered StanbyMe lifestyle TV for immersive sound

LG placed battery in a television set and the StanbyMe was born. The portable, touchscreen display, Korean tech giant sells for $1,000, is completely wireless and comes on a height-adjustable stand so it can swivel in landscape and portrait orientation to facilitate viewing angle depending on the content you are watching. Adding to the versatility of this battery-powered TV, LG has launched StanbyMe Speaker. A soundbar that works standalone or can hook up to the StandbyMe stand using its own mounting cradle.

The cylindrical portable Bluetooth speaker wirelessly syncs with the StanbyMe display offering it a powerful sound without compromising the quality of the internal volume. The speaker weighs roughly 2.2 pounds making it extremely lightweight and portable to take anywhere you like. It comes with an IPX5 rating, so you can carry it to the poolside, but don’t take it further from there. An accidental splash is doable but it won’t survive being submerged in water.

Designer: LG

Connected to the StanbyMe, and using LG’s Wow Orchestra feature, the audio is delivered in harmony through the StanbyMe Speaker and the display’s internal speaker. When the two are linked, the display’s remote can be used to control the onboard speakers and the immersive audio output of the external speaker.

LG claims, the StanbyMe Speaker can provide 16 hours of playtime under normal usage. The Bluetooth speaker can be recharged using USB-C. The impressive run-time means you can use the speaker for viewing a series on OTT, game for hours without a stop, to join friends at home for a house party playing music all night. For the latter, the speaker has LED lights customizable (via app) to the vibe of the music you’re playing and create the desired atmosphere.

Taking care of the most integral aspects, the stereo sound of the StanbyMe Speaker is two 20mm tweeters paired with a single woofer. The dual passive radiator on the speaker helps deliver a deeper and more compelling bass, LG notes. LG StanbyME Speaker is now available in the U.S. and Korea. Through the website, LG.com the speaker is retailing for $200 in the US. The company has a plan to roll out the speaker in other markets globally, but when, is not clear at the time of writing.