Lightweight and sleek Gocycle cargo e-bike fold down for hassle-free transportation

Gocycle is pretty adept at making electric bikes showcasing a sleek, exotic design. Taking their innovation further, they’ve revealed the lightweight Gocycle CXI Family Cargo Bicycle that carries forward the core values of lightweight and portability for people who were always turned off by cumbersome cargo bikes.

The company has added the CXi lineup of cargo e-bikes that come with core patented innovations including side-mounted Pitstopwheels, F1-inspired monocoque chassis, internal cabling and Cleandrive drivetrain. There are two e-bikes, CXi and CX+ which are more or less the same, with the differentiator being the newly designed FloFit Handlebar in the latter.

Designer: Gocycle

The CXi’s patent-pending handlebar permits adjustments for reach height, multiple hand positioning, fingertip controls and grip angle to toggle the upright or forward stance. Other than that the signature Gocycle styling is evident with an appealing design that has no visual presence of chains, spokes, wires or gears. Some are engineered into oblivion, while others are cleverly hidden behind engineered shrouds and custom-built frames. The 51 lb bike folds down to a transportable size of 46.5 x 15.75 x 30.75 inches which makes it highly practical for diverse needs.

Combining the performance front, the cargo bikes are built on the hydro-formed 6061 T6 front frame and carbon fiber rear frame. This time around Gocycle is calling it the WingPillar Frame which can haul a load of up to 480 lb. The MIK-compatible rear rack does all the heavy lifting with space for accessories and seating. There’s the 500-W front hub motor that provides smooth pedal assistance of 20 mph courtesy of the five-speed Shimano Nexus geared hub. On a single charge, the 375-Wh battery is good for a range of 50 miles.

The two models will arrive in a choice of six colors with the CXi priced at $6,999 and the CX+ coming in at $7,999. Deliveries are scheduled for September and pre-orders are live now for a refundable deposit of $499.