Live streaming accessories give creators the tools to elevate their content

Streaming is big business these days to the point that some kids even declare it to be their dream job. And like any other dream job, the reality is that video streaming isn’t as easy or as magical as it sounds, at least if you’re really aiming to go pro and bring in all the views. You will need to invest in quality equipment that not only makes their work more comfortable but also makes the overall experience more enjoyable. These concept products try to do exactly that, assisting streamers to make them feel more alive, whether onscreen or especially offscreen.

Designers: Mariana Aréchiga, Isaac Saldaña, Ricardo Zerón, Adriana Cruz, Jonathan Gonzalez, Alondra Alvarez, Mariana Pedroza, Juan Muciño

It’s admittedly easy to get started in the live streaming industry. All you need is a decent camera, a reliable Internet connection, and content that will capture the attention of the fickle masses. Going viral and staying relevant, however, requires not only hard work but also tools that will help carry you through both the good times as well as the bad. Alive is a series of product design concepts that try to elevate the streaming experience and beyond, focusing on the things that help streamers stay in control all the time.

One example is a wireless streaming mic that frees you from your desk with its detachable design. While it looks like an ordinary studio mic when on its wireless charging stand, you can easily pick it up and move around without missing a beat or dropping out. It has a helpful ring indicator that quickly clues you in on the volume level without having to check your app’s or computer’s controls.

Lighting does more than just illuminate your face during streams, it can also help set the mood or even indicate your own mood. This conical desk lamp concept delivers that kind of emotional lighting but also provides direct physical controls that don’t leave you at the mercy of buggy apps and spotty network connections. Any streamer will testify to the stress and tension that occurs whenever those supposedly smart lights feel rather dumb due to those technical difficulties.

Power strips are designed to expand your wall socket, but most of them seem to still embrace the limitations of those fixed outlets. This streamer-friendly design, however, has sockets you can rotate so that they adjust to your cables and plugs, not the other way around. There’s also a section of the strip that offers battery backup to make sure critical devices stay powered up even during an emergency. These features might sound trivial, but every small thing that gives streamers peace of mind also helps them create better content.