Mercedes-Benz supercar concept is the first automobile to have a music instrument built into its exterior

Mercedes-Benz as an automotive icon has set the tone for the 21st century with supercars like AMG GT and the CLA concept. The German marque has pushed the limits of automotive technology, design aesthetics and luxurious comfort for purists who desire nothing but the best with the least strings attached.

Lately, we had a fancy for wild concepts like the Dresscode which is inspired by the smooth silhouettes of a classy suit and now we’ve tripped over another Mercedes-Benz supercar concept that derives inspiration from the beauty of silent luxury. This core idea is combined with the shapes of musical instruments (a Harp to be precise) to create a concept that harmonizes the pure and geometric form. Thus the namesake, Mercedes-Benz Harp!

Designer: ByeongIn Oh

The front of the concept Mercedes car is inspired by the W196R Formula-1 racing car developed for the 1954 and 1955 seasons. Of course, the front grille is not that open and is streamlined along the front seam for a more modern aesthetic look. This is combined with the asymmetric windshield panel to the rear which has a polygon and pure sculpture shape. The contrast between the contoured front and the sharp rear gives the HARP a distinct persona. It’s just like a god-like figure draped in the most beautiful costume.

The way those strings are aligned with the rear explains the asymmetric shape of the rear which when viewed from the top looks like a Harp in motion. Even the rear lights are shaped like strings which I think should trickle down to a real car coming from Mercedes Benz. Moving on to the interiors, they have two contrasting sections – a silent compartment for people who seek solitude and an open compartment for people who want to socialize.

The Mercedes-Benz Harp concept is an interesting take on silent luxury, artist forms and the pleasure of driving. And yes, I almost forgot to mention the contrasting color hues of matte silver and glossy black!