Mini drum washing machine concept lets you clean small loads of clothes

Washing machines are normally pretty big and bulky, especially since you want to put in as many pieces of clothing as possible in one load. It has made washing clothes easier of course but it’s still a pretty tedious chore. If you live in a tiny space though, having a full sized machine may not be so feasible. Or if you have a child or children, constant washing and disinfecting of clothes is required, not necessarily needing the whole traditional machine.

Designer: Az

This concept for a mini drum washing machine may be the answer to space and size problems. Augenstern looks more like a rice cooker at first glance but it is a portable and smart machine that can disinfect clothes for babies and young children. It has a carrying handle since the idea is that you can carry it anywhere in the house or maybe even outside of your house if needed. There is a mention of wall-mounting by the designer but the renders don’t really show that.

The machine probably doesn’t fully function like your usual washing machines since there isn’t any of the usual tubes and things that you see. There seems to be a bottom suction cup somewhere there that is supposed to reduce the vibration and noise of the machine which should be useful if you have babies that wake up at the slightest noise. This means you can wash or disinfect their clothes even as they’re napping or sleeping.

It’s a pretty interesting concept especially for those that don’t have enough space to have a washing machine. But it may be a bit too small and therefore it means that you’ll have to do several loads, which may defeat the purpose. It would also be nice if there could be more information about the features but the design itself seems to be interesting and feasible.