Minimalist table is a charging hub that doesn’t need to plug itself in

Given how almost everyone has a smartphone these days, it’s not really surprising to see establishments and furniture adapting to the situation. Desks, tables, and even shelves have started to integrate charging solutions that make it convenient to top up a mobile device quickly without having to scramble for and fight over a power strip or wall socket. Unfortunately, many of these designs, particularly for tables, add some rather unsightly cables that can also be a safety hazard if not installed properly. This table, in contrast, lets you charge phones and tablets with ease while magically making those cables disappear to preserve the table’s minimalist beauty and avoid tripping people up when they have to move about.

Designer: Carl Magnusson

Tables with integrated charging solutions seem to fall into two extremes. On the one hand, you have regular tablets that have just been retrofitted with power strips and are often seen in public places like coffee shops or even libraries. On the opposite end of the spectrum, there is classier furniture that utilizes wireless charging technologies in order to make power sockets invisible, like the newer desks and shelves from the likes of IKEA. Both designs, however, require the table itself to still be plugged in regardless since it has to take all that power from somewhere.

In that regard, the MagPower Table is almost futuristic with its wireless functionality while still being completely rooted in present design trends with its extremely minimalist design. At first glance, it simply looks like a wooden table with a large circular top and wooden or aluminum legs, but closer inspection will reveal two USB-C slots and one full-sized USB-A slot for charging mobile devices. What makes this design almost mind-blowing is that there isn’t any cable snaking out from one of the table’s legs to connect to a nearby power outlet, making it seem like it’s using wireless charging technologies, at least for itself.

The secret behind this is the design of the table’s leg which can house a rechargeable battery that then powers connected devices. The battery can be removed at the end of the day and recharged separately before being reinstalled the next day. That said, the design also allows for a power brick to be plugged in directly, which has its own convenience, presuming you can live with the sight of that cable.

The MagPower Table’s minimalist aesthetic matches the goal of its design to offer a clutter-free space and enhance your productivity. Granted, it also raises questions about where a single battery is enough to charge several devices at the same time, but it’s certainly possible to expand the design and have all legs house a battery. This would help avoid competing for only three sockets, which will be the most likely scenario if these tables are used in office environments.