Music analysis device lets you learn songs by ear more conveniently

Those who are trying to learn how to play their favorite songs on their musical instruments have it a little easier now. They can just search for chords and arrangements or if they’re lucky, there might even be YouTube tutorials out there. But there are still those who prefer to play it by ear while playing the piano, guitar, or other instruments but playing the song from their phone or computer while learning is a bit of a hassle.

Designer: Hélène Bert

Analist is a tool that can be used by those trying to learn songs by playing it by ear. Unlike phones and computers where controls and precision are a bit hard, this gadget allows you to optimize your workflow when trying to play your instrument as you listen to the song you’re trying to learn. You will be able to control things pause and play, speed, repetition, and other things you may need to adjust while you’re playing it by ear.

Based on the product renders, this is how it works. You add a song onto the device, edit the parts that you need to learn if needed, and then save it. You can adjust it according to your preference (speed, pitch, equalizer, volume, etc). You hold it in one hand while playing the song on it and playing your instrument on the other. The device has easy to access controls that lets you pause and play, speed up or slow down, volume up and down, etc. You also get to play it in loop so you can master the song.

You can even do more if you connect it to the app, although what this “more” is wasn’t really specified. You might be forgiven for mistaking the Analist for your aircon’s remote control but on paper, the functionality of the device will be pretty helpful for those who are learning to play songs.