Not-So-Tiny Purple-Themed Tiny Home Is Truly Pushing The Boundaries Of Micro-Living

There’s something about the Purple Heart Manor being called a tiny home, that just doesn’t sit completely right. Maybe because it really isn’t that tiny, to be completely honest?! Designed by Canada’s Acorn Tiny Homes, the Purple Heart Manor is a large towable dwelling that draws inspiration from the owner’s love for medieval literature, as well as the color purple! Amped with loads of comforts and amenities, including some cute cat comforts, the Purple Heart Manor is quite an ideal tiny home.

Designer: Acorn Tiny Homes

Measuring 43 feet, the Purple Heart Manor also has an impressive width of 10.6 feet. The not-so-tiny tiny home’s massive size means it needs a permit to tow it, and also that it has quite a spacious and apartment-style interior. It is founded on a quadruple-axle trailer and has a lovely finish of faux stone and wood siding with a unique roofline. The home also features a cat patio or a “catio” which has its own access door and floor drain at the rear.

As visitors enter the home’s living room, they are welcomed by a spacious space, unlike those you find in a typical tiny home. Acorn Tiny Homes did a fantastic job of customizing and tailoring the home to the owner’s interests and preferences. It includes a custom-made purple sofa bed, floor-to-ceiling bookshelves with an interesting library-esque movable ladder on rails, as well as a video gaming station, drop-down dining table, activities area, and a cat rope bridge and sitting area. Adjacent to the living room is the kitchen, it is equipped with a fridge, dishwasher drawer, and an oven with a propane-powered stove. There is also a pull-out pantry, a massive sink, and custom cabinetry.

The bathroom has a cozy tub and rainfall shower, including a flushing Japanese toilet with a bidet, heated seat, and warm air dryer. There is also storage space, a custom moss wall, and a washer/dryer. A storage-integrated staircase leads to the master bedroom, which has plenty of standing room, a queen-sized storage bed, stained glass bedside scones, and a feature wall with medieval-themed wallpaper. The same ladder on rails used for the bookshelves leads to a secondary loft bedroom, which includes a double bed and more storage space.