nubia Music phone has two headphone jacks and a large speaker on its back

Once upon a time, music was played to be enjoyed by an audience. While that still happens today, most of the time we have become enclosed in our own little audio bubble thanks to smartphones. Earphones and earbuds keep the music to our ears, and smartphone speakers can’t get too loud without losing the music’s quality and clarity. Even worse, the venerable headphone jack that audiophiles use and love has been banished from mobile devices. In an effort to bring back that social listening experience, nubia is launching what could be its most distinctive smartphone yet, one that is a clear ode to a golden age of music that brings together features and design elements that will let you share your favorite tunes with ease.

Designer: Nubia

There may be no room for a thick 3.5mm port inside extremely thin phones, but what if thinness was never a problem in the first place? Aiming for a different priority, the nubia Music doesn’t just bring back the headphone jack but actually adds an extra one. Yes, there are two headphone jacks on this phone, and it’s a clear indication that this device is meant for listening to music. In fact, it’s designed to let you share that music with another person, a friend or a partner perhaps, provided they also have wired earphones.

There might be times you’ll want or even need to play music that everyone can hear. That’s where the nubia Music’s ultra-loud speaker comes in, promising 600% more volume without the distortion. That’s already a huge improvement over your typical smartphone loudspeaker, but what’s even more interesting about it is the way it’s added to the phone’s design.

As if dual headphone jacks weren’t odd enough, the nubia Music even has that ultra-loud speaker on its back. But rather than just simply slapping it on like what some other rugged phone manufacturer did, nubia opted to add a charming design to this unusual feature. The circular speaker and the two cameras are set opposite each other on a raised rectangle, recreating the appearance of a turntable that music lovers will be able to immediately identify. It’s a very nice touch that should tickle the hearts of audiophiles of all ages.

The entire phone is designed with that vibrant, lively, and youthful character, presenting a device that loves to party as much as you do. With mid-range specs and a price tag that starts at only $149, it is clearly targeting a younger crowd, though any music lover will surely find the nubia Music something worth looking at and, of course, listening to.