Off-road-ready lightweight and ultra-durable Next Adventure Trailer toy hauler rides behind any size car

Toy haulers have an interesting feature; you can haul just about anything – that can fit in their height, weight, and load-bearing capacity – inside of them. They are designed to be robust, but often have a heavy dead weight, which makes them less appropriate for off-roading expeditions. The Next Adventure Trailer – a lightweight, ultra-durable toy hauler – has been designed for off-roading trips in a manner that it can be towed behind any size capable 4×4.

Want to go out with your mountain bike, dirt bike, or go climbing; you can just tow the $14,500 (starting price) Next Adventure Trailer to the back of your vehicle, load it with your choice of gear, and you’re good to go. When you’re at the campsite, pull down the aluminum ladder from above the lightweight and durable rig, to open the onboard tent that can comfortably sleep a couple with the gear safely stored in the box below.

Designer: Next Adventure Trailer

Like most other camping trailers, that are born from personal experiences and the absence of rigs ideal for required functionalities, the Next Adventure Trailer is also built on the same lines in Arizona with American craftsmanship and quality parameters. The toy hauler is thus meant for anyone who wants some extra, versatile space while traveling. A garage per se to haul their bikes, go-carts, fishing gear, kayaks and more.

Off-road-ready lightweight and ultra-durable Next Adventure Trailer toy hauler rides behind any size car

A capable trailer that can go virtually anywhere your towing vehicle can; the Next Adventure Trailer combines the comfort of a camper with the robustness required for off-road adventure. The former is made possible with a pop-out rooftop tent comfortably loaded with lighting, heating, cooling and a sleeping mattress for two. For the latter, the 300 square feet toy hauler is made from 3M VHB bonding technology that provides the lightweight body with a watertight and durable aluminum skin. This construction technique makes the trailer strong and reduces its flex, making it an ideal off-road companion with the ability to clip up fuel cans, water tanks, shovels and more on its exterior.

The compact and lightweight footprint of the Next Adventure Trailer allows it to double up as extra storage at home, or be used as a small office, guest room, or garden shed in the backyard. When it’s ready for the road, it’s a highly customizable rig, which you can outfit with a storage cabinet, pull-out kitchen, HVAC system, folding bedding and more. The easy arrangement means, the toy hauler can be a comfy living space simultaneously or when you don’t have gear to haul.